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I have been using campden tablets lately, and believe that they do help the taste...I have pretty good water, and the only issue that I wanted to tackle was the cholorine.

I do have a question, I believe that I have read that 1 tablet treats 15 gallons, and I only use 14 in a batch (before evaporation, and loss to mash tun). My question is that if I add 14.25 to hlt and later add a gallon or so to mash tun straight from sink to drop temp, does the campden permeate through batch to manage chlorine levels or not?

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I worked on pools for 5 years and I can tell you that chlorine hates the sun and will burn off in direct sunlight. In fact, we used to add a product called Cyanuric acid (basically a sunscreen for the chlorine) to help prevent burnoff. If you're worried about it, put the tap water in a clear container and let it sit in the sun to burn the chlorine off. This may also lower the Ph of your water after the chlorine is burned off.

I can also inform you that the chlorine you smell is actually "combined chlorine". Combined is a mixture of free and used up chlorine floating around the air. This occurs more in indoor pools.

Bottom line, let it sit out overnight or burn that stuff off using the sun for free!

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I've heard this is what you can do to remove chlorine odors from your water.

Again Ive heard this I do not know this as a fact. (I heard this from a aquarium owner, fish keeper )

Take a simple aquarium air pump and a piece of air line plugged at end. with mass small holes punched in it. Just like you see in a fish tank but with out the stone.

Apparently the air bubbles will help release the chlorine taste and odor.

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I just use my big 10", filter.

It's a filter that goes under the sink for the cold water. I chucked the filter that came with it, which only removes about 60% of chlorine, for the next more expensive filter, that does 97+%. Total cost under $50. Better tasting water, as well.

Much better and cheaper long term solution than those little brita or faucet filters, buying spring water, or using camden tabs or KMS.


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