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The only thing the longer boil is going to do is increase your OG. In this case hops are almost a throw away, meaning hops are not critical in hitting your numbers. I boiled 60 min both times I did this, neither were pumking but both were good pumpkin beers. I'm mashing at 160 this time to get some more of the sweetness to pull through without relying completely on the lactose. Ginger is a key for sure, and the vanilla. It's almost hard to get too much vanilla in this IMHO.
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I haven't found ST Pumking locally, but I'm sure my "clone" still has too much spices. I've got to cut out cinnamon entirely next time, and maybe the nutmeg too.
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i only tried pumking once but the spices were overpowering

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they serve pumking locally here, and it is delicious. They put a cinnamon, brown sugar, graham cracker rim job on the glass as well, what a treat!
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Anyone tried using graham crackers or ginger snaps in the mash?
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I'm drinking one right now, and goddamn, no other pumpkin comes close. I want the damn recipe already!
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Damn all of you! I just had to pick up a case after reading this thread and now I am off to the HBS to pick up my yeast and hops to try my luck at the clone! At least I have a few bottles to drink while I brew! Wish me luck and I will post up what recipe I use later on.

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great thread! will be trying to find some pumking locally and will probably give it a go myself. keep posting updates!

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Originally Posted by Cannondale View Post
For this years' pumpkin ale I decided to try to clone ST Pumking. I did a side-by-side last and it is very difficult to tell it from the genuine article. The intense aroma, unique graham cracker/raw pumpkin flavour, and spicing are all there. Recipe is based on label/ST website, various forums and my own speculation and tweaking when racking to secondary. I think the keys are the lactose and the ginger/vanilla. I really wasn't expecting that I would closely replicate the unique flavour profile of pumking, so I am both surprised and very pleased with the outcome.

Vol: 5.5 gal
Kettle Vol: 7 gal
OG: 1.090
IBU: appx. 34
SRM: appx. 11

14 lbs. 2-Row Pale malt
1 lb. Victory
12 oz. Crystal 80L
1 large Pumpkin (skinned, cubed and roasted with honey then added to mash)
1 lb. Demerara sugar (added after hot break)

3/4 oz. Magnum @ 60 min.
1/4 oz. Saaz @ 15 min.

8 oz. Lactose @ 15 min.
1/2 tsp. Yeast nutrient @ 10 min.
1 Whirlfloc tab @ 10 min.
2 tbsp. chopped Candied Ginger @ 5 min.
2 Cinnamon sticks @ 5 min.
1/2 tsp. Cloves @ 5 min.
1.2 tsp. grated Nutmeg @ 5 min.
1/2 tsp. Allspice @ 5 min.
1 Vanilla Bean (added to secondary)
1/2 tsp. ground Cinnamon (added to secondary)

2 packs Safale US-05

Mashed @ 152F for 90 min.

Boiled for 60 min.

Fermented @ 66F RT for 2 weeks in primary and 3 weeks in secondary. Force carbonated in keg.

Notes: The lactose could possibly be increased from 8 oz. to 10 oz., but definitely no more than that. Excluding the allspice and nutmeg might nudge it even closer to an exact clone, but it is not critical. I think that they key elements are the victory malt, lactose, vanilla and ginger.
After reading this thread, I decided to dip my toe in the waters of this beer, using the recipe above as a starting point.

I made a test batch (1.5g) and made a couple modifications:
-Instead of pumpkin (hard to find atm), I boiled, mashed (as in mashed potatoes) the sweet potato, then spread it thinly and roasted @ 400deg. This led to significant carmelization of the sweet potato, especially in the thinner sections. I then added it the mash, and used the water I boiled the potato in as my dunk-sparge water (I am BIABing).
-Subbed light muscovado for the demerera
-Upped the victory by 50% (homemade, toasted 2-row for 15min @350)

So far, so good. the wort tasted great although the spices were very subtle. The smell out of the fermenter isn't very spicy/gingersnappy either, so I may add a spice tea/tincture either at bottling or when I rack to secondary for the vanilla bean & clearing.

I'll try to update the thread once it's ready!

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Brewed my 10 gallon batch up last weekend and everything was on track and I hit my mash temps perfectly and my preboil gravity was spot on. Then I ran out of propane with about 20 minutes to go! I planned a 90 minute boils so it wasn't that bad and when I noticed that the tank was about to die I got my late hops and the spices that I used in the boil. But I ended up with about a gallon extra so my OG was low. I decided to add some DME the next day and per my calculation I should now be close to target OG. Once primary is complete I will add a bunch more of candied ginger and possibly a vanilla bean. But I can say that it really smells good!
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