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Originally Posted by shortyjacobs View Post
Also, cost breakdown:

Chest freezer - Free
Taps/etc - already had, (one still a picnic tap)
great stuff foam - $4
caulk - $4
pink styrofoam - $9
handles on sides - $8
gas QDs - $8
2" square steel tube (3/16" thick) - $15
1" angle iron (1/8" thick) - $6 (I think, can't remember)
misc screws/strapping/tape/etc. - already had
1 case MGD - $18
poly tube (20' 3/16" thin wall home depot crap) - $3

Total - $57 not including beer, $75 including MGD.
Pouring a beer for the cop that pulls you over - priceless.

I love the ingenuity of it. I know someone that got a small camper for free on craigslist that he gutted and made into a giant kegerator for tailgating at football games. Your idea is much easier to maneuver, and takes up less space at the camp site. I would imagine that if the guy with the camper/kegerator took it camping, he'd have to get two sites.

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My taint is sore.
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... I just threw up on my wife.

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Originally Posted by IrregularPulse View Post
It's definity a great camping setup. My camping setup is 1 3g keg in a igloo cooler with faucet. The funny part is the look of it strapped to your jeep.
lol, yeah, I kind of went big with this. Reason was, we do this big camping trip with my buddies from Milwaukee every year. One of them is a homebrewer like myself. This year we decided we each wanted to bring up a keg of our beer to serve. I decided to make the kegerator for us, (his keg got the picnic tap, mine got the faucet ). It worked very well!!!

We have a big BBQ in a few weeks at a friend's house up here. I plan on bringing 2 of my kegs to that one. My wife, who is currently my pregnant DD, was complaining last night, "You mean I have to drive through town with THAT strapped to the back of my truck??". She wasn't as concerned about looks 3.5 hours away in the Wisconsin boonies, but here in the big city she's a bit embarassed....oh well. If I have enough energy, I plan on primering and painting it, as well as grinding and painting the hitch mount, so it looks a bit less ghetto. Also need another cheapie faucet and shank...

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I'd be worried about people sneaking up at red lights pulling a pint or 2 .
Cool idea!
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- You can't trigger an SSR with 120 volts - You'll let the smoke out.

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That's the new definition of ghetto fabulous. I like it.

P.S. Would it kill you to spend another $4 on a can of paint?

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Originally Posted by shortyjacobs View Post
Also need another cheapie faucet and shank...

Originally Posted by wildwest450 View Post
Would it kill you to spend another $4 on a can of paint?
And this and I think you could have a very nice setup
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Awesome. It may look like a little piece of the trailer park hanging off your hitch but we know different.

Also my big takeaway from this is that there is a perfectly good welder out there that will only drink MGD. Most disgusting beer on earth

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That is awesome! Spray it with a can of flat black and that would look like the sh#t!

I also use a screen tent as a kitchen for camping

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