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Parenting: All Joy, no Fun

hang in there.

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Feb 2010
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Really interesting article there. Is it then, a sort of being torn between "happiness" and well, a kind of happiness that we don't have a word for in english, in ancient greek it was "makarios". It's like the word "blessed" but without the religious connotation, it means you're objectively satisfied and well off but doesn't refer to emotions or fun.

Anyway, I'm just going to hang in there.

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I'm in the exact same boat. A three year old and a 1 year old. Half the time I really enjoy them. The other half I just want to be left alone (kinda selfish I know). The kids really get in between me and the wife. I'm rocketing down the priority totem pole which makes me resent her a bit (maybe a lot). I figure I'll just try and be patient, which is an awfully hard thing to do. Being patient is really hard for me so I usually shoot my mouth out and dig a deeper hole.

I do think my kids are the best thing that's happened to me. It's just the routines in life (work, kids, marriage, grad school (ugh!)) are too much to handle sometimes. You're definitely not the only one. Thank God for our little hobby.

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Definitely hang in there, it does get better. My little girl is 9 now, and things are becoming easier. We can leave her alone for the 30 minutes to run to the gorcery store. She packs her own lunch for school. She Dresses herself (My wife still chooses the outfit thankfully). You'll look back and realise that there was alot of fun, even when you thought you weren't having any. I vividly remember a time when my wife wanted to take our daughter to the butterfly exhibit at the science center, on a day I had set the day aside for a brew day. I was a little grouchy during the trip, but made sure my daughter had a good time. Now when I look back at the photo's from the trip I realise that the memories were better than the 10 gallons of oatmeal stout I was planning.
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I often tell people, "I love my kids to death. Sometimes with an emphasis on death."

As any other parent will tell you, I think I have the greatest kids on earth, but they aggravate the crap out of me. I couldn't imagine loving anyone more than I love them, its just not possible. But nobody pisses me off more than they do. And on a regular basis, too.

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Originally Posted by jmendez29 View Post
As any other parent will tell you, I think I have the greatest kids on earth, but they aggravate the crap out of me. I couldn't imagine loving anyone more than I love them, its just not possible. But nobody pisses me off more than they do. And on a regular basis, too.
THIS! I have 4 kids. 19, 16, 11 and 6, and it does get better the older they get. Hang in there!
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Jan 2010
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I can certainly relate. I have a 7 and 2 year old. There are some days where all I hear is "Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad....." This is usually when I demand to be called "Pedro" just for some variety. 3 months and 24 months is tough. As some of the guys mentioned it does get a lot better. When my son was 2-3 he would watch the "Wiggles" and "Thomas the Train" on a continuos loop- I still have the nightmares... As they get older you'll begin to relate to each other more and have more fun. Especially when they watch cartoons with not-so-obvious adult themes. And while the can be a monstrous pain in the a$$ it's awesome to see them grow up and accomplish things.

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I have a 2 year old and am expecting number 2 in November. I definitely have times where it would be great to have things they used to be pre-kids, but then the boy stays the night as my parents house and the next day, I couldn't be happier to have him back. I'm anxious/excited/scared to have number two come along, but just keep thinking how much fun number 1 has been and how I would have never wanted to be an only child and am glad my kids will have a sibling to rely on through life. I love that my son is now at the age where he can play and for the most part entertain himself a lot and am nervous to start over again with a newborn. I am trying to except that personal time is done for a while. It was a big deal for me or my wife to watch the boy while the other had quiet personal time, but with number 2 coming, I think that will be much more difficult for the next 1-2 years.
Hang in there.
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I have two. Both boys. One 4 years old and one will be 2 next January. Barely out of diapers, my wife is already talking about a third. She is thrilled to have 2 boys but really does want a girl, which will eventually translate into 2 girls so that the one has a familiar "peer" to connect with.

So, yeah, at the least I anticipate 4 children.

As to the emotional factor, meh, it's up and down. I do miss my wife as we only rarely get a glimpse of time with each other and when we do all I want is to make minkey sounds and all she wants to do is watch Bridezilla. I do miss my free time as, like said before, it's a full time job just with one. Just about the only "free time" available these days is at naps or after they have gone to bed for the night. And that time is usually spent recharging my own battery or, preparing for the next 24 hour block of carnage.

But, I wouldn't be the same without my sons and I would rather be here than without them. Having children has allowed me to be a child again myself and has caused me to take better care of myself. Outside of that, they are just plain fun.

That is until the 4 year old lands Optimus Prime on top of the 1 year olds head in a return to the ruins of Cybertron.

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Jan 2010
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When my wife was pregnant with our second (and last), a friend with 4 kids told me something I wasn't sure I should believe. He said the second child isn't twice the work, it's 4X the work. He couldn't have been more correct. But he did say that the third isn't any more work. I guess you're so overwhelmed, you don't even notice...

Daughter is 7 and son is turning 5 next month. It gets better, slowly.

The wife and I started doing something my parent used to do when I was young (I'm youngest of 3)...Go on solo R&R (rest and relaxation) trips for sanity purposes. I took a week off work to watch the kids so my wife could go hang out with friends in the city and try to find her sanity again. It worked. I went to California to visit family and go the the MLB all star game last month. I came back ready for anything the kids could throw at me.

Hang in there.

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