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Apr 2010
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So last night, had a few beers at the bar and went home. Went to sleep about 45 minutes later than I usually do on a weeknight, at some point in the night while sleeping I got out of bed and was just standing over my wife. She says I started saying "I have to pee" and was in a "peeing position," though I didn't have it out or anything. She basically had to yell to get me somewhat awake to go downstairs and pee, but I have basically no recollection of the whole ordeal.

I'm 24 and, to my knowledge, have never sleepwalked before. I think the whole situation is kind of funny, but its kind of strange too. I read that it usually happens to kids and doesn't typically just start happening when you're an adult. I guess my dad's twin used to sleepwalk and so did my grandpa on the same side (my grandma caught him peeing in the laundry room sink while sleepwalking) so it runs in the family a bit.

I was only slightly buzzed so I know it was not alcohol induced. I just wonder if I would have peed all over my wife if she wouldn't have woken me up! Anyone else have any stories/experiences with sleepwalking?

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I have been known to sleep walk numerous times and think it has happened many many more times that I am just not sure about. My dad has been known to do it before too. Once I almost took a piss on a 200 amp breaker box. Sometimes I will wake up in the morning and find lights on that I know I turned off the night before or things out of place. It usually seems that I am really tired the morning that I notice this too. I can only assume that I was sleep walking.
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I was wrong

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Apr 2009
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My dad apparently stripped his bed and put all of the blankets and sheets into the oven once when he was a kid, just as well he didn't turn it on! I've had a couple of minor ones, but it's usually just involved me getting up, moving somewhere in the house and then coming to my senses feeling really confused, like I knew I needed to go there but then I couldn't remember why. It's a really odd feeling.

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May 2010
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When I was seven, my family was staying at my grandparents house. I thought I woke up because I had to pee. I went in to my parents room and told them I had to pee, they told me to pee down the floor grate for the HVAC. It was an old house and the grate was open to the bottom floor. I squatted and peed down the grate right when my grandma was coming out of the shower. I peed all over her and went back to bed. Turns out I was sleepwalking the whole time and I never woke my parents up.

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Jul 2010
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I just started taking Ambien. That sh*t will make you do weird stuff too.. I sleptwalked around the bed, over to my GF's side, kissed her on the forehead, and walked back to the other side of the bed, covered up, and went right back to sleep. Needless to say, I have NO recollection of this, but it sure as hell freaked her out!

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Mar 2009
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We had a guy sleep pee on a road trip once. 8 people crashing in one condo and he took a leak in the utility room. one guy was still up and woke the rest of us up to witness it. THe pee'er (how the heck do you spell that??) will never hear the end of it....
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Jul 2007
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my new gf/swmbo sleepwalks every night. most of the time she does something cute like make peanut butter, syrup, and m&m sandwhiches but if i dont watch out she'll leave water running and flood a sink or something like that. fortunately she screws in her sleep too

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Feb 2004
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My brother father Grandfather and myself ll sleepwalk/talk. It scared my wife at first, she's used to it now. Just let me fight those imaginary monsters using my dream kung fu and everything will be OK.

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My 6 year old did this once last year. We stayed at my folk's house for the weekend - I woke up when I heard her crying. She had gotten up and walked into my mom's walk-in closet, squatted in the corner, peed on the floor, and then couldn't figure out how to get out. I realized later that the closed was located EXACTLY where our bathroom is in our house from her room. Pretty funny.

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Sep 2009
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Originally Posted by Mutilated1 View Post
my new gf/swmbo sleepwalks every night. most of the time she does something cute like make peanut butter, syrup, and m&m sandwhiches but if i dont watch out she'll leave water running and flood a sink or something like that. fortunately she screws in her sleep too
I lol at this one!

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