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Mar 2010
Kingston, Canada
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Hey all,

I've just finished my second go around with festa brew. for those not familiar with it, it comes in a huge bag already prepared, you just add a yeast slurry and let it sit. that said, the directions say it's ready for bottle after 7 days. my first attempt was terrible, the smell and taste was brutal. i had to dump the keg. i let it sit for about 2 weeks in primary, then another 2 in secondary. the smell and taste could be compared to the smell of the yeast cake.

i just transferred my second attempt, their wheat beer. i noticed the same aroma and slightly same taste from when i drew a sample from the secondary. everything is sanitized proper, etc etc. Is this perhaps a case where i should actually only let it sit for 7 days then bottle keg?

sorry, i let the second sit for approx 10 days before transfer to secondary.

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Jul 2008
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Besides sanitation, pay attention to yeast health, pitch rate, and ferment temp profile.

For most beers, as long as the yeast is healthy there is no advantage to moving the beer before it's ready for packaging.
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Jul 2010
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what sanatizer are you using?

Any more info on the processes you use to sanatize would be helpful.

What temperature are you fermenting at?

Finally, what are your hydrometer readings looking like before you pitch the yeast and when you transfer to the secondary?

Sorry for all the questions, I am just trying to gather enough info to help!
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boo boo
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I have made 4 Festa brews over the last few months to try them out.
I ignored the instructions and fermented like I would any other beer.
When fermentation was complete, THEN and ONLY then did I rack to secondary.
One fermentation took 3 weeks to finish at room temperature. That was one
I made for my mega swilling B-I-L. He said it was the best beer he ever tasted peroid.
The others were also fantastic IMO.

What you describe sounds like a young beer to me. Leave it and let it mature a few more weeks before you taste it again.
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Old 08-17-2010, 03:42 PM   #5
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Jul 2010
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Assuming your cleaning and sanitation process is sound, it may just be that your beer isn't ready under their guidelines. Pay less attention to the 7-10 day fermentation guideline they give you and focus instad on what the gravity reading should be for that particular beer and yeast strain. It's the only way to really be sure.

Once you get it right, I think you'll be pleased. Festa Brew makes a great beer.

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Sep 2009
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i THINK he DID leave the beer set longer. I THINK his question is did letting it set on the yeast cake for the 2 weeks rather than 7 days as directed, cause the yeast cake taste and smell? I would say NO it didn't
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