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Mar 2010
Lake Forest, IL
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Why is it that everything that says "mead" ends up being apple wine with honey or white wine with honey. I've yet to find a real traditional commercial mead.

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Nov 2008
Kansas City
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You are probably looking at the wrong place. I can get probably 25 commercial meads in KC (half from either Pirtle or Redstone). I went to a store in the Twin Cities at NHC that easily had 40-50 including a lot of polish mead.

No matter where you are in the country you probably need to be in a metro and at the best shop to get a good shot at mead. They are there, just hard to find.

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Jan 2009
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Check out:


Their meads are about 1/2 way down the page. My wife and I visited them last weekend on our anniversary, I found their mead and t'ej to be very good, but the raspberry melomel was a little like cough syrup.


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Feb 2009
San Antonio, TX
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We have a few bars in the area that even offer Mead. I picked up 3 Bottles of Mead last week, a Traditional, Spiced, and a Fruit.
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Nov 2006
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I've also heard that there are a lot of federal liquor issues with naming conventions and that mostly only traditional mead can be called mead. Pyments and melomels are fruit wines with honey.

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May 2010
San Diego
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I have only found one store in my area that sells mead. It is made by Honey Run Winery in Chico, California. I think it is excellent, but then again I have nothing to compare it to, other than what I am making! Best of brewing!

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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
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Dec 2007
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Just because you haven't found them, doesn't mean they don't exist. Hell, we even have one in Detroit that wins awards.


Our Meads
We have many varieties of meads ranging from Dry to Sweet.

Regular Line-Up - Limited Releases - Ken Schramm Signature Series - Xtra Limited Releases - COMING SOON

Regular Line-Up (Available Year-Round)Orange Blossom
Our orange blossom mead is made from the honey of orange and other citrus trees, and is aged on American oak. The flavor and bouquet will transport you to warm climates, where citrus groves stretch on for miles and miles. This mead will continue to mature wonderfully in your cellar.

Made with Michigan wildflower honey. This mead captures the essence of the natural beauty of Michigan. It has a wonderfully complex floral aroma and flavor. We use a ‘no boil’ technique in our mead-making that preserves the subtleties of the raw honey. Aged briefly on American oak for complexity.

Wildberry Pyment
A ‘Pyment’ (pie-ment) is a mead made with grapes. This one is made with clover honey, shiraz grape juice, and natural wildberry concentrate. It is full bodied and semi-sweet. Makes a great sangria or try it over ice as a spritzer. Our most popular mead.

Vanilla Cinnamon
A light colored, sweet mead made with whole cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans. The beans are sliced open by hand before being added to the mead to ensure maximum flavor extraction. This recipe continues to win awards wherever it goes. Try this mead served warm on cool nights with someone special.

Limited Releases Pineapple Coconut Melomel - NOW AVAILABLE
Our Pineapple Coconut Mead is so delicious, our dear late friend Jon once called it ‘God Juice’. Orange blossom honey, pineapple juice and coconut make this one of our most exciting releases to date. The flavors will take you to tropical shores with warm breezes. 14% ABV - Sweet (FG 1.023)

Bourbon Barrel Mead - NOW AVAILABLE
This very limited batch shows just how complex a mead can be. This mead is made with a blend of orange blossom and buckwheat honey, then is aged in a bourbon barrel. This process mellows the mead and adds a noticeable bourbon flavor for a wonderful sipping mead. This mead ages well. 17.5% ABV - Sweet (FG 1.026)

Yo Momma's Strawberry Pizzazz - SOLD OUT
This fantastic mead recipe was shared with us by guest mead maker Jamie VanKuren (known on Gotmead.com as Yo Momma). Almost 3 pounds of fresh wild strawberries were used per gallon to deliver a beautiful aroma followed up by incredible flavor. Simply a classic mead to share with someone special.

Tupelo - SOLD OUT
Our tupelo mead captures the unique aromas and delicate flavors of the honey from tupelo trees, which grow in the swampy areas along the Gulf Coast of the U.S. Beehives are kept along the river swamps on platforms or floats during the tupelo bloom to produce the rare, certified tupelo honey. This mead ages well.

Buckwheat - SOLD OUT
This mead is not for the weak or timid. The bold, rich taste of buckwheat honey, in all of its glory, carries through into this mead. Buckwheat honey has a very earthy, almost malty, flavor and aroma. We use only 100% pure buckwheat honey in this mead. Enjoy with your favorite barbecued foods.
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Oct 2006
Royal Oak, MI Michigan
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/\ Good stuff!!

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Mar 2010
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Binny's has a whole section of mead. They have Wild Blossom meads, from the south side of Chicago, to Redstone to Jadwiga and many more.

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Aug 2008
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Yeah, if you're in Lake Forest, just go to your nearest Binny's and pick up some Wild Blossom.

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