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*Note- I have never used my hops straight off of the bine. I have always dried them first, so take this with a grain of salt*

I think that the point the naysayers are trying to make is this: They're on the bine doing just fine. It's still pretty early for harvest in most parts of the country. Maybe not OK but it can't be that far-gone. Unless they're in danger of completely browning out what's the hurry? Gotta go out of town? Heat wave coming? Changing jobs tomorrow so no time to brew until you get your feet under you? I know we're far from commercial brewers but all of them that do harvest ales use them immediately. Will something be lost when your beautiful cones turn to mush in the freezer? Probably not but who wants to invite people over for brewday only to see THAT thrown into the boil? The point is, and always was, RDWHAHB. Your cones should be fine hanging up there for a while while you get your ingredients together, plan a brewday, and throw them straight off of the picking ladder into the boil (a dream of mine).

Don't get so wound up on the thought of a harvest ale that you lose the spirit of the beer: Straight from the bine into the boil. The great thing about growing hops is that you always have next year, and usually with a better harvest to work with.

But as others have said, it'll probably work.
Looking forward to brewing some beer

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Hello everybody!
I actually do not agree with the "6x is more correct than 5x". I have discussed the numbers in a hop growers forum and it turns out that 4.63 should be the most accurate number, so 5x would be better.

The math is:
1000gm as picked (80% Moisture)
0.2(1000) = 200gm is the weight of hops with all moisture removed. (20% is hops, 80% is moisture)
200 + 0.08(200) = 216 gm is the weight of hops with 8% moisture.
So 1000/216 = 4.63 is the ratio of as picked to dried by weight.

All the math above is based on the supposition that you are harvesting hops at the right timing, not soaked with rain etc.

If you have different numbers please let me know, I'm very curious
Cheers from Italy!
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