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Aug 2010
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I like bottles, but kegs are just too incredible not to use. Is there how-to guide to kegging?

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Jun 2010
Richmond, VA
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Kegging saves so much time that you will not know what to do with yourself when its done. There are lots of folks getting into it all the time, and lots of them are asking the same questions that you are. Browse through the "bottling/kegging" section of the site and you should find more than enough to get started. I think there's a sticky in there too that should be helpful.
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Jan 2009
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Use search function.
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Feb 2010
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Yes, it's called this forum.

There's a bottling and kegging sub-forum that should have all the info you'll ever need. I think some of the vendors out there have guides. But your best best it to start digging.
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Apr 2009
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1. Search is your buddy.

2. Anyone willing to sell you a keg kit has a "how to" on their site. I bought my first set up from keg connection and was pleased with the results.

3. It's just like bottling except you only fill one bottle and with some tweaking you can have fully carbed beer in a week. Some folks will argue about the quality of the beer and other such things, but it's carbed enough to drink.

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Jun 2008
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Once you get the basics down, you can reference this:

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Dec 2008
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This guys videos are alright. I don't follow all of his techniques, but they are still helpful.
Diverse Haus Brewery

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I can has homebrew?
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Kegging rocks

Not so much in terms of your bank account, but it's still awesome.

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Jan 2009
Hamlin, NY
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After watching the videos it makes me want to bottle.


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Jul 2009
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once you buy the kegging stuff, you'll find you can't even afford the time to bottle. fortunately, you won't have to. bottle in 1.5-2 hours; keg in 15 minutes ( including sterilizing the keg ), and another hour drinking celebrating the time you didn't spend bottling

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