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Apr 2010
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Hey All,

This is an extension of my prior post that was started back in April - I decided to start a new thread because HBT was not letting me go back and edit the original post in order to update the new content. Specifically, all the yeast chart links were updated and a new Beer Style chart was added ('Apparent' Bitterness).


Iím not exactly sure what got me started on this, but over the past month or so Iíve been leisurely building a series of charts displaying the BCJP beer styles and their parameters. Maybe Iím just a visual learner, but by seeing everything laid out in such a way, I appreciated some of the styles a bit better.

After a little prodding from my brother, I decided to post the charts out there for anyone to look at or reference. As such, I wanted to post some links to them here in the hopes that I can get some feedback on them. Anyone find them useful? Is there anything detracting? Anyway to make them better or improve the charts?

BJCP Beer Style Visual Reference Charts:
After I finished the BJCP Style Charts, I felt the urge to keep at it, so I recently started building visual charts for commercial yeast strains. Only the first one has been posted yet, with the others still being works in progress.

White Labs Yeast Visual Reference Charts:
Please let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback on this pet project of mine. You can either leave comments here, or preferentially on the pages linked above (as itís a lot easier for me to keep the feedback sorted that way). Additionally, assuming I keep at this, are there any other Ďvisual chartí topics I might be able to tackle?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.



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What would be interesting to me would be to see a chart showing common esters & phenols associated with yeast strains, perhaps by temperature range as well.

I like the charts. They look nice. You should sell those back to White Labs.

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Nicely done!

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Very nice. My only suggestion would be to change the size of the bars for flocculation to keep them equal. For example, a med-high flocculating yeast should span the middle of med to the middle of high rather than from the bottom of med to the top of high. It would also be cool if the SRM bars were color graduated, but that might look too distracting.

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