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I am making a psuedo oktoberfest using the hybrid 1007 yeast. it is a 5.25 gal OG 1.055 beer. I pitched at around 65 deg with a 1/2 gal starter. It has been between 60-65 for the last week.

Initially I had a blow off tube. After 3 days it seemed like things were slowing down so I switched to an airlock. Overnight things were clear, but after an afternoon there was krausen in the airlock. I cleaned it out, but more krausen the next day. Now, 8 days later it is still bubbling away. I haven't checked a gravity, but my question is NOT whether it is done fermenting. It is going to stay in primary for 4 weeks so I am not worried.

I am curious to get other's experience with 1007 and if it is a slower longer fermentation. Also, 60-65 is on the high end, but it is the best I can do for now.

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I've seen basically the same thing you're seeing when I've used 1007. I've found that keeping the temp in the mid 50's seems to help with the multiple blow-offs. I usually keep it in primary for at least 4 weeks.

I have a brew now that's been on primary for 4 weeks and the airlock still burps every once in a while.

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ditto with the above. I brewed an Alt at around 60F with the 1007 and it kept that "rocky" ferment head for a good two weeks before it fell back in. We primaried for 4weeks, secondaried for 4 weeks, and then cold conditioned at 37F for 4 weeks and were pleased with the results.

The ferm time was definitely longer than most ale ferments (I'm use to about 10 days and done, but with this one I checked about twice a week until it stabilized), but then again I normally ferment my ales at 67-70, so the temp could have been a major factor for me.
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Swirling the carboy a little helps the krausen fall back into the beer. 1007 ferments can keep a head on it for a long time otherwise.
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