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Originally Posted by devilishprune View Post
So could you do this with beer also? And use, say, corn sugar, honey or something to increase the sweetness in the final product instead of lactose?
yes you can but then you would HAVE to force carbonate the beer.

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Originally Posted by TipsyDragon View Post
yes you can but then you would HAVE to force carbonate the beer.
Or serve it flat. Mmmmm...flat beer.

If you want sweeter beer, though, just use a less attenuative strain or ferment at a colder temp. Sure, it's tough to control the exact result, but it can be done reasonably well with a little practice.

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I just finished up my 1st batch of Raspberry-Lemonade wine, I bought a book and followed the directions on how to make your 1st batch. After it was done I bottled my 1st batch, that was back on Aug 17th, 2010. I corked them and put them on my rack to rest.

We just got back up in the 90's so Yesterday I was not at home and got a call from my wife one of my bottles blew its cork, now the wine closet smells bad and is very sticky.

The book did not tell me to stir the wine before bottling nor did it tell me to add more Campden tablets before bottling.

My worry is that more will blow and we still have warmer weather to come.

Can I put them in the fridge to chill them down to 39 Deg? Will that stop them from blowing their corks? Or am i screwed and I should just have a big party some weekend soon before the rest of them blow their corks?

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Let me qualify this by first saying that I know nothing about wine.

When someone over-primes beer, the usual suggestion is to open the cap and vent some pressure. So....Can you just pop out the corks and insert some new ones?

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