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Who may this be, catt22, nope just my opinions. Your up late tonight Clayton, Jay Leno's on the left coast then meds and bed.

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Originally Posted by BrewBeemer View Post
Granted your talking injecting water at zero to slightly above atmospheric pressures converting to steam as well within your safe pressures, this practice is way over the eyes of the law reguarding safe guidelines with steam generating vessels. Even with small scale steam train engines they must be inspected and certified every year. BTW get off Catt22's case he just stated the facts regarding safety! Unless you know more about steam boilers with model locomotives and their annual certifications I beg to believe your blowing smoke up your stack. Sorry to be harsh i've been around these model train boilers for over 50 years going thru certifications. Nuff said, PROSIT!
you do understand states rights? i hope ,,what is done where you live does not consern any other person but people liveing in your state, he is not runing a vessle for the public or to be worked on by the public he does not need all your certifications. there is no reason he would ever build any thing over 15~20 psi . locomotives boilers run @ or about 190 psi , we arnt even talking about the same ball park. lots of brewer on this site use steam for brewing, in the same mannor its used in kitchens ,, please shut up about your locomotives and talk turkey, as in how to poatch a turkey in a steam jacket kettle or pressure cooker.
Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water. ~ W.C. Fields

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Originally Posted by motobrewer View Post
you need a bunch of welding certifications to be able to weld a steam boiler.
Not really. if going into a commercial/public place, yes. If charging for the service or end product, yes.

Now your home owners insurance may object.

You could get the welds x-rayed or sonic checked and pressure tested and get a cert for the job.

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The age old problem with the pressure cooker steam source and direct mash injection was twofold, steam generating capacity, and noise from steam injection. The pressure cooker could generate steam but lacked the capacity for larger steps in 10 gallon batches, and the only way we found to get steam needed was to overfire the pressure cooker by a factor of 5 times suggested heat input. The other problem was the immediate heat transfer from steam to mash around the injection point meant that you had to stir like crazy to try to distribute the heat and guess when to shut down the steam. Add to that the popping and rumbling of the collapsing steam bubbles as the steam hit the cooler mash we decided that it was possible to do steps but not a friendly process.
While working on a continuous starch cooker system for the paper industry i found that they injected steam into the circulating starch solution for heating and it operated quietly while using medium pressure steam. I did a bit of research and copied the operating principal and went on to build an instant water heater/steam generator to supply steam. The boiler design and operation I use do not allow more than 16 Oz of water to be heated at any time and with a 60 - 100K btu burner firing it you have more than enough capacity for water and steam. Without any boiler discharge valving the pressure can only build up to the system back pressure at the mixer, and testing old boiler by dry firing the SS coils to orange hot and firing the water pump did not damage the boiler or plumbing. With the small heated volume it falls below the ASME size requirements for testing and licensing as code document research has found.
I find the various boiler comments by others quite humorous as I have installed and tuned boilers of various sizes and operating pressures over the years and am reasonably familiar with the ASME power piping and boiler codes, and have an in-house QC consultant to refer code and operating license questions to. I try to refrain from commenting on the various approaches to steam generation used and let the builders deal with their own problems as it is not productive to be throwing comments at everything without factual backing.

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