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Let me first say that I'm really really really pissed right now. I made an IPA for my step-daughter's wedding party. I kegged it, took it to the reception and even broke it down after and left it there to pick up later. TODAY, (the wedding was on Sunday) I went over to pick it up. I knew it was going to be warm, I could deal with that...but I get it to the house and I notice that the lid was wobbly. I took the chance, and tried to lift the handle, and it flipped right up...Not a good sign. Sliding the lid forward i saw the oring was GONE!

this tells me one thing...some idiot...I'm thinking it was the ex or the ex's new gf...wanted beer and forced the keg open and dipped a glass in it. the keg was properly sealed and perfectly carbed.

Is there anyway to salvage this beer? Can I just replace the ring and recarb it and hope for the best?

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Well its probably oxidized at least a little so hopefully the CO2 blanketed it some. You may be able to drink it how does it taste?

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It depends a bit on how long it was like that. It is most likely fine. The alcohol in the beer creates an unfriendly environment for bacterial infection. Even if you did get some oxygen exposure (and you likely had a some co2 over the beer) the negative effects of oxygen exposure develope over time. Just replace the o-ring, carb it up, chill it, and see how it tastes. If it tastes good just drink it and don't let it hang around too long. It's probably fine.

If it tastes bad, well then you have to let it go. You do have the chance that a fly or fruit fly or something could have found it's way in there. In that case it's time to brew more. How much was left anyway. If it was at a wedding reception I would expect it saw some action.
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Question is........... Do you have extra O ring?

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As the beer warmed up the CO2 would have been released too, forming a blanket over what was left.
Infection should be averted from the dirty glass by the alcohol in the beer I would think.
And I doubt oxidation would be much of a concern. It was what - 4 days right? And the lid was probably only off for a minute or two, though without a seal, bugs can (And will, in my experience) find your beer.

It's not going to hurt to chill it down and re-carb. If it tastes like ass, well they make lockable corny lids

Good luck!

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