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Apr 2005
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Howdy Ya'll,

I have been reading posts and have noticed 'dme',
mentioned many times. And kits!
I wondered what {dme} was till I noticed at the homebrew headquarters
It is just dried malt extract.
The price was 2x3x4x higher than syrup and I thought to myself,
{Self} .....
No wonder I haven't used much powder, it costs more than syrup.
Unless there is a taste advantage to using DME over the syrup,
why do people use it?

And those kits?
Why buy a kit unless nothing else was available?
I bought one kit.
It was 12 years ago and it was an introduction to brewing.
Their ain't enough of anything to do more.
And it wasn't any good either.
Forget kits, and buy syrup rather than DME.

Luck Ya'll and good brewing

J. Winters Knife

Poet Author

and 'Killer of Whitemen'

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Jun 2005
Surprise, AZ.
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It's about $1.50 more a pound then LME but:
It stores well.
Dissolves faster.
Has less chance for scorching.
Use less DME then LME. (DME is 0.8125 to 1 over LME).
The only drawback I've found is that DME requires the full 60-minute boil.

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sudsmonkey's Avatar
May 2005
Deepest, darkest Eastern NC
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Yeah, what he said. That and the fact that I'm not smart enough to compairison shop or figure out how to make it taste like beer unless somebody else has started the wort ( kit ) for me . Aren't you the guy who posted the Nine Lb. Hammer recipe? That seems simple enough that even I could do it. I just haven't worked up the nerve to try it yet. Kinda like taking the training wheels off . I'm noy ready yet !

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Barley Sober
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Mar 2005
Columbus, MS.
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Liquid costs just a slight bit less than dry if you buy the cans but if you buy liquid in bulk it is a good bit cheaper. The bulk liquid does not have much of a shelf life and this is what leads me to dry. The reasons mentioned above are also true and lead to my decision but the storability is the main one for me.
Beer lovers make better drinkers.

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Apr 2005
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Suds and Dyer,

Yes, I see that shelf life is one of the advantages of powder over syrup.
After my wreck I was in the hospital 5 months including rehab.
I came home and not only was my homebrew gone, but for 6 bottles,
my syrup was moldy, I did use it, and it worked...
but it didn't taste very good and eventually I threw it out,
what WASTE.

My friends who had keys to my house and my Dad, would come out and feed my horses, Sugarmay Dollymay and old Red.
They thought I would die as I was in a coma 5 weeks.
So they drank up all my my homebrew!

DME would have been alright.
If I were going to move and be way out in the woods for years,
running the old trapline and hunting with my hounds,
dme would be on my yearly grocery list.
Here in Dallas county, however I go to the homebrew supply monthly.
And the cheaper syrup is mostly what I use.

Suds dude,

Yes, the 'Hammer' is my recipe and whether 9lb, 8lb, or the 7.5lb {which is almost ready,}
Sheza my ababy.

Thanks for remembering.

Lets get ignert and go coon hunting, or hog?

J. Knife

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Old 08-11-2005, 02:38 PM   #6
El Pistolero
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May 2005
Houston, Baja Oklahoma
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Jack & Dyer,

Aside from questions of cost and shelf life...which makes a better beer?
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Feb 2005
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The DME is always going to produce a lighter colored brew. The liquids are always too dark, darker than the style any way.

I stored 3 lb bags (over 40 pounds worth) of DME in one of my primaries for 5 years and they were as good as the day I purchased them. All dry and powdery. Not one clump. Try that with syrup and your pilsner will be as dark as stout. (Cans darken the syrup.)
HB Bill

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Apr 2005
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Is that a black bass?

And I don't really know the answer to that question, but...
I would guess that syrup being un-dried and therefore, fresher,
would make better tasting beer-ale.
As long as it fresh itself.
Real fresh syrup may be better than real fresh dried.
But less than fresh syurp would be funky.
Go for dried.
I was thinking about big buys to get my beer-ale produced cheaper.
But it occured to me how much brewing I would have to do to get all 300 Gallons brewed while the syrup was at its best.


35-40 batches...

Carry the 2...


I could get the barrels set up like at the Homebrew Headquarters
on their sides, with taps on them.
It would look cool, and I will ask old Gary about the age of syrup if it is kept like that.

Or ... anyone want to split a barrell?


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Old 08-12-2005, 01:45 AM   #9
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May 2005
Deepest, darkest Eastern NC
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Jack- Jesus , man ! That's a hard time ! I can't blame the guys for drinking your brew. You weren't exactly using it at the time. Maybe it was their way to keep you close to them. To kind of, however prematurely, cherish your memory. That would've been my excuse as I opened the last bottle. Kidding. You had a Hell of a time. Still got your horses? We've got five and a BLM burro that eats feed, sings and gives Donkey Kisses. Don't knock it.
On the LME/DME debate, let me say that it appears to be a 'different strokes" type thing. The end result is still pretty much the same. As long as we're all happy. With your permission, I'd like to try one of your Hammers for myself. I've got the 5 lb. recipe written down in my brewlog. I promise to use LME , to sort of prematurely cherish your memory.

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Old 08-13-2005, 03:58 AM   #10
Apr 2005
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Where do you live to have 5 horses and a burro?
Hey, a singing buro that gives kisses too,
thats cool.
My friends, when I was in the coma thing,
would come out to my 25 acres, and
build fires out in the woods, and sit by them at night.
They would listen to classic recordings we made.
Our band was "the White Brothers."
And needless to say, drink up all my homebrew.

I am happy to have such good friends,
however I came back to my house after an absence of 8 months.
And after all the **** I had been through I really needed a homebrew.
I opened the door to the brewery...

And there was only six... '6'.... six, bottles in there which had not been sacrificed to the concept of 'cherishing my memory.'

I was in this disability hearing,
and the judge who happened to be x-military, have horses,
and was a genius with a great sense of humor said:

"Jack, why do you brew your annual 50-100 gallons of homebrew between first and last killing frost?'
I replied: "In order to minimize the incidence of airborne spoilage micro-organisms.
{I was kinda showing off}
The judge then asked:
'But why do you stop at 100 gallons?"
I said well... because you get tired of it after 100 gallons.
I mean, the same recipe, the same cook, {me}
it just gets old thats all.
One gets to really craving variety.
"Yeah after 100 gallons of the ale you make
I will bet I would get tired of it too."

The 'stuff' I have been making with my syrup has been noticably
thick and kinda sweet.
Gary at the supply, says it needs more time in the secondary.
I will try DME as I was thinking about larger buys and as it would 'keep' DME may just be the thing.

Thanks Ya'll

J. Knife and Sandymay

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