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Oct 2009
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So my brother is now engaged, happened last night.

I have permission to brew up 2 Five gallon batches for the reception.

What the Masshole doesnt realize is that I will brew 2 five gallon batches for the reception and then am planning to also brew a five gallon batch of Mead for their own personal consumption.

I could use a little help on this. What is good wedding beer that the general public can enjoy?

I've decided that a nice Belgian something or another will serve as one batch, but what about the other?

JAOM for the Mead or would you guys recommend otherwise?

Interested in feedback on this one...

Love the MAsshole, and I'm totally excited for his wedding but I hope to make it a little less uptight than it may be (given his personality and his soon-to-be wifes) BTW I have at least a year til the date.

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Old 07-21-2010, 12:31 AM   #2
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Feb 2009
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Going with the "Honeymoon Theme" I like it!

Best wishes to your bother and his bride!

A toast to the two to them and there happiness..


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Sep 2007
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Could always fire up a bigger brew for the other. Perhaps a strong Belgian? The alcohol bite isn't that noticeable depending upon the grain bill.

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May 2010
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I just served a sort or Wit at a friends wedding. Really, it was a heffe fermented cool (for less banana-clove), with fresh orange peel and coriander. It went over huge! The five gallons were gone early on, and the small keg of Bud Light was barely touched. I was proud! Point being, you can't go wrong with wheat. Maybe a stout too, just call it "Sorta like Guinness", and they'll love it!

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Jul 2010
Steamboat Springs
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Just served an IPA and Trippel for my own wedding. Everyone loved them both. Here is my Trippel recipe...

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Old 07-21-2010, 02:17 AM   #6
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Apr 2010
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I will add this...I am to be wed soon. I am going to do the "honey moon beer" as well, as 1 of the batches, at the reception. These will be remembered for a few years I am sure BUT the super "top secret" special thing I am doing that I am MOST excited about is this...

I will brew a non-bitter, dark, malty barley wine very soon that both myself and SWMBO will enjoy (at least 3.1 oz of anyways... and it will also have honey in it.). I will bottle 60 bottles from this batch in 6.3 oz clear champagne bottles. I will acid etch the outside to help defuse any light that may hit them and to mark them with a design. They will be corked, then capped with O2 barrier caps and then dipped in wax to seal for long term storage.

Then on our wedding day we will open and share 1 bottle, then we will open and have 1 every year on our anniversary. I am guessing that I will not live to see 100ish nor my bride so 60 is a good number for us...

If we get through them all, then we will have accomplished a FANTASTIC feat. If one of us "goes" before the other, then the survivor will have a special memory to remember the other one by and if we both go we can will them to young relatives to have on their wedding night! (You know a toast like, "This drink is from Great Grandad/Uncle + Great Grandma/Aunt who wanted to wish us the best before we even knew each other or were even born! + maybe a quick recap of the story of the drink...")

Feel free to do this or something similar, if not it won't stop me from doing this as I have an alternative reasons to do this that need not be discussed here.

Grats to your Masshole and good luck to you on the brew quest!

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Old 07-21-2010, 06:14 AM   #7
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Mar 2010
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I was going to suggest a wit or a wheat beer as one like curlyfat said. I'd imagine a nice fruit beer would go over well, too.
A particular love for ancient, obsolete, or lesser-known style from both the US and abroad.

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Old 07-21-2010, 06:22 AM   #8
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Feb 2007
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If you're going to brew a mead, start it soon. It will need a long time to mellow if it's going to really be appreciated as a gift. Mead has a tendency to be rather 'hot' for a while.

Maybe you can use these Grain, Hops, Yeast Reference Charts

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Old 07-21-2010, 06:38 AM   #9
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Apr 2010
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Tomorrow I'm bottling the last 10 gallons of 20 that I am brewing for my best friend's wedding next month. I wanted to brew something with mass appeal so I did 10 gallons of a slightly hoppy amber and 10 gallons of a not-so-traditional witbier that is a little heavy on the coriander and fresh orange peel but pretty tasty. I think they'll be well received.

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Old 07-21-2010, 12:06 PM   #10
Apr 2010
Garland, TX
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Around these parts, a lot of folks like Bock beers.

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