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Apr 2010
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Yikes! I would email them asap.

I have bought several kits from them and never had any problem. They seem like a good company so i bet they would ship you a replacement free of charge.

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Absolutely a weevil.

Trivia Time, rather trivial info time. The town of Enterprise Alabama has a statue of a boll weevil at the center of their town square. That area of south Alabama is known for peanut production, out producing most of Georgia. It was because of the boll weevil which destroyed the cotton crop and forced the region to peanut production... a move for which the people are thankful.

As for the weevils they show up in my chicken feed which is stored right next to my malt yet my malt has no signs of weevils. Yet?

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Originally Posted by GilaMinumBeer View Post
The female weevils are always more bitter.

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Mississippi Boll Weevil ain't got no natural home lord lordy.

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Originally Posted by jrfuda View Post
Darn weevils. We had some (5?) years back. Could not figure out where they were coming from - they got into everything. At first we did not know what they were until we did some descriptive googling Finally, we found a long forgotten box of pasta in the back of some dark cabinet that was completely infested. We had to get rid of every grain-based food we had to get rid of them.. pasta, rice, cereal. Never had a problem since.
So your solution was the lesser of two weevils ?

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Here are my friends, out of my Weyermann bags (NOT FROM AUSTIN HOMEBREW).
A lot better than roaches or mice parts you find in your every day food.

Too many will destroy the grain.

A picture of the tool my daughter uses to separate the extra proteins from the grain.


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I better check my bag of grain which I just got from them.

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Originally Posted by GilaMinumBeer View Post
The female weevils are always more bitter.
Wow, my day just became a little brighter. That is awesome.
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I have bought corm meal from the store that has had weevils in it. I would call and mention it. I'd hate to think what insect material gets processed into our food. You could be the next Andrew Zimmern, eating a sorts of creepy crawlies.


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Ok, everyone relax for a moment. Listen...

Bugs get into our food ALL THE TIME! (wait while you let that soak in.)

Seriously. You have no idea how much insect protein gets into your processed foods all the time. A few weevils are not going to affect your beer, nor change the ratio of bug guts you ingest by more than a fraction of a fraction.

Weevils are in grain. All the time. Lots of places freeze their grain bags for a few days to kill the bugs. You never see them. Sometimes that doesn't happen and you end up seeing them. Either way they get crushed and boiled during brewing, so no worries! That donut you had on the way to work was WAY more harmful than a few tiny insects.

So RDWHAbuginfestedHB!

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