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Hey all,

I am looking to figure out which of these to get. I am leaning towards the 575 because it's only an extra $10. But I am currious if the creamer function actually works. I have seen youtube videos showing that it doesn't, but I would like some feedback from the forum here.

Let me know if you have tried either, and what you think. I know the 525 is worth the money for a smoother pour, no leaking, less badness in the tap, etc. but I am hesitant on the creamer function.

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Don't get the's a waste of time. I don't have a perlick creamer, but I bought a standard tap with a creamer a few years ago. I used it once and haven't touched it since. It gave me a creamy head...yes. But, it's no replacement for a nitro setup and being able to get a full beer to be creamy.

I'm happy with my head just the way it is with my 525's.
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just crack it if you want more head.
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It puts out a small stream of beer through a restrictor plate. if you have no head on the beer this would add some. For instance, a normal pull will provide a good amount of head, but if you are pouring beer after beer, eventually the faucet is so cold that very little head forms in the glass. I don't think it makes a beer any "creamier" but like brewingkitty mentioned, cracking a 525 open very slightly will accomplish almost the same thing as a 575. I have both, and some 425's.

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When Perlick switched to the 525 design, the "feel" of the faucet really changed. They basically reduced the overall cost of the entire faucet by eliminating the shuttle/plunger that sealed the faucet when the handle was pulled back and forth. Now, they simply attached a ball to the end of the handle which does the sealing. What really changed was the throw distance of the handle itself. Before, only a small movement of the handle was required for full open to full close. The 525's are about double the throw of the 425's and it just makes the faucet feel different. Don't get me wrong, I think the 525's are fine, but I like the action of the 425's better.

If you can score some used 425's, I would recommend those before the 525's. Look around, you might be able to find some. I agree with the others that the creamer function is overrated and not worth the expense.

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