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Recipe Type: All Grain   
Yeast: Scotch Ale   
Yeast Starter: Partial yeast cake   
Additional Yeast or Yeast Starter: Nottingham Dry Yeast   
Batch Size (Gallons): 5.5 Gallons   
Original Gravity: 1.057   
Final Gravity: 1.016   
IBU: 25   
Boiling Time (Minutes): 60   
Color: 28   
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 22   
Additional Fermentation: Bottle Conditioned   
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): none   
Tasting Notes: Nice base porter with a well balanced smokiness.   

I was going for a more brown porter styled lighter more drinkable porter for this smoked bier as I wanted something to go well with grilled foods & the foods of summer. However due to higher efficiency than anticipated 86% my OG was about 11 points higher than planned. Thus the bier has a nice brown porter flavor profile but is larger than it should be.

Important Note: The smoked malts & crystal malts were homemade. The smoked malts were smoked with oak wood for approximately 1.5 hours with a very small fire source to keep heat down, 8-12 briquettes plus chunks of wood. Both the smoked malts and homemade crystal were allowed to mellow for a couple months before brewing even though only a few weeks is needed. My smoked malt was heavily smoked compared to commercial varieties and is probably 1.5 - 2 times more powerful, adjust your recipe accordingly if using commercial malts.

OG 1.057
FG 1.016
IBU 25
SRM 28
BU:GU 44

malt & fermentables
61% 6 4 British Pale (Maris Otter)
19% 2 0 Smoked Malt (homemade)
7% 0 12 American Crystal 80L (homemade)
5% 0 8 American Chocolate
3% 0 5 Flaked Wheat
2% 0 4 Black Patent Malt
2% 0 4 Pale Chocolate Malt

boil 60 mins 1.0 Willamette pellet 4.8
boil 15 mins 0.5 Willamette pellet 4.8

Edinburgh (partial yeast cake)
Nottingham Dry Yeast

Whirlflock Table - 15 mins

The verdict on this bier is WOW. Since I over shot my OG I was worried about a few things, no more. The flavor at bottling was that of a nice brown porter with balanced smokiness & bitterness. Theres a distinct chocolate flavor along with a moderate roast character. There are notes of caramel & burned sugars. The bitterness comes through really well and seems more along the lines of 35 ibus rather than the calculated amount. Very drinkable at this young stage and should require little to no aging.
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