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Apr 2010
Hampton Roads
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Last Sunday Brew day. Trying a new recipe from AG, Lady Liberty American Pale Ale. I brew outside my detached garage using an outdoor cooker, four skinny legs. Go through all the steps mashing, etc to get my wort. Boil on cooker for 1 hour, follow hop schedule. Time to cool down. insert my wort chiller hook up the garden hose. put cooler outlet off back of cooker. Keep an eye on temps swirl cooler around a little bit. Then boom, cooker beer and everything else tips over backwards. 5 gallons of beer water lawn. Note to self, water from cooler softens ground, 40lbs of wort on cooker causes one leg to sink into saturated ground, cooker will not stand on three legs.
At least I still have my yeast.

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Nov 2005
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That is one way to make sure someone does not say, "let it sit for a few months and try it again"!

Sorry to hear that. I feel for ya and I also bet a few choice words flew across the lips on that one!
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Well, along with the yeast, you've also learned an important life lesson. I'm not really sure what it is, but I'm certain it's there somewhere.

Sorry to hear about the beer!
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Feb 2010
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Take me to your liter

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Dump your yeast on the lawn and wait 3 weeks then take a bite of grass.

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Apr 2010
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This truly gives a new meaning to "lawnmower beer" its gonna grow like mad & you won't have the beer to enjoy after cutting . Sorry for your loss.
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Dec 2009
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Not to be the guy who always one-ups, but I had a carboy full of barley wine break on me.

I feel your pain.
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Jan 2010
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I'm not so sure the beer is ruined... Dig a deep hole and make it into a well. Pull out buckets of the wort from the well until the well runs clear(er) and put it into your primary. Then pitch the yeast. Most of the dirt and grass will drop out in primary. I'd recommend using a secondary on this one.

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Color of grass is not an indication of fermentation!! Always use a hydrometer!

Dude that sucks. Time to invest in a set of metal feet large enough to prevent this (or a sheet of metal that can catch boilovers too!)

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"give them a foot, and they'll take a mile"
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"spilled wort? I just dont stand for it"

phew! I think Im punned out.
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