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Jul 2010
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So I am interested in brewing an Orval Clone. I have a recipe that calls for WLP650 Brettanomyces Bruxellensis yeast pitched during secondary fermentation. I have spoken with a few of the bacteria guys over on the lambic forum and they have advised against reusing any "soft" equipment that the Brett has touched. I have just bought a kegerator and have really been looking forward to Orval on tap.

My question to you, has anyone tried an orval clone without using the Brett? Either leaving it out entirely or pitching some other strain of yeast in the secondary in its place? Maybe a trappist ale yeast or a Belgian?

Very interested in knowing how (if) it turned out.


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I don't think you'll be able to mimic the character of the brett yeast with any of the sach strains.
As far as your equipment, I think you should only be concerned with a good cleaning routine. The 650 is still just yeast and doesn't contain any bacteria (like some of the brett "blends" that are available). The biggest reason you might avoid sharing soft equipment with your other batches is residual flavor. Go for the brett is my vote !
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I agree. Using the Brett is key to a good Orval clone. We have an exceedingly good all grain Orval clone recipe here. We've refined it quite a few times and it's about right on. We've never had cross Brett contamination so far but we do use stainless (everything) as a rule and thorough sanitation. You can find the recipe down the page about half way:


One last thing. I wouldn't substitute the Strisselspalt. This hop is key to the excellence of an Orval clone.


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The brett is definitely necessary, you can also get the Brett B from pitching some Orval dregs if you have any on hand.

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IF ....... you should get some Brett contamination in the lines, as long as the beer doesn't stay in the lines for a long time (we are talking months for a beer with alcohol to be affected by a few cells of Brett), there is no need to worry.

Normal sanitizing should be able to knock the population down to a controllable level. Remember; sanitizing doesn't kill everything, it just takes the potential contaminants down to a level where they should not affect the taste of the beer.

The big concern with Brett is when using it in fermenting vessels and transfer hoses. If a few Brett cells get into a beer from a hose while transferring to a secondary fermenter, it will have time to reproduce and start affecting the beer.

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Originally Posted by RJSkypala View Post
The brett is definitely necessary, you can also get the Brett B from pitching some Orval dregs if you have any on hand.
+1. We are very, very lucky in that Orval bottles have proper dregs to culture from.

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