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This looks similar to whats in my cider now. I used apple juice and wild yeast from fresh-picked, unwashed berries. It appeared as soon as active fermentation slowed down. Im hoping its either Brett or malo-lactic fermentation.


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I am just going to hold onto them for now and do periodic tasting to see what kind of funky juice will come out if this in the end!!!
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I had a pellicle like this form on top of a roggenbier while it was in the primary. I pasteurized the beer by heating it covered to 160F, holding for 20 min, and letting it cool. The pellicle didn't come back and I bottled it. Not going to touch it for months, and I'm hoping the smell gets better.
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I had an infection like that. It showed up in the primary and tasted fine so I went ahead an bottled. The pellicle reappeared in the bottles and eventually became evident/bad in the taste. I pitched all the bottles 7 months after bottling when one exploded.

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Originally Posted by Pivzavod View Post
Its not Brett, its some wild bacteria that got into your equipment or possibly mutated yeast.

Here is a pic of what I've had in the past:

Here is what someone else had:

I just kegged a batch of a Saison and had similar stuff on top of it. This is why I think it might be coming from yeast. Mine was washed and previous batches had similar growth but did not cause any problems to the flavor of the beer.
Hey I recognize that infection...that's from my fermenter!

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You have 3 choices, I will list them in order of effectivness, and hassel.

choice #1-100% effective. Dump, cry, start over.

choice #2-Buy some...gasp... Potasium or sodium metabisulfite... used in wine making to sanitize raw fruit of wild yeast & bacteria. Follow directions. I'll say 97% effective if its wild yeast or bacteria, 75% if its mold. It doesnt look like a fungi though.

Choice #3-99% see below, and look up pasturization.

Originally Posted by Ouroboros View Post
... I pasteurized the beer by heating it covered to 160F, holding for 20 min, and letting it cool. ...

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