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Mar 2009
Tampa FL
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I have been in denial about this for a while. I seemed to have lost my crazy love and affinity for IBU's. I find myself drinking more stouts, reds and dare I say...wheat beers. I dunno whats wrong with me. I used to love hops and would even try to eat them raw...

Is my palate destroyed or just evolving? Before a hopped up brew is the first thing I would look for but now, I'm beginning to like something more subtle and delicate. I still drink an IPA or two but they are not my go-to beers anymore. I have tried to force myself to like Belgians but I just can't.

Oh well. flavor of the month I suppose. Has this happened to anyone else? do you find yourself switching beer styles often?
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Sep 2009
Cumberland, RI
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I am the same way right now. Been drinking a lot of porters, stouts, and american wheat beers.....

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Dec 2008
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You will be alright. I go through stages like that every year. Last year I went through a schwartz beer stage, a stout and porter, and even a kolsch. Right now I have a pale, an ipa and a porter kegged, and an ipa in secondary. Thats is what makes homebrewing fun! You can never stay bored - just switch styles.
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Sep 2008
Pointe st. Charles, QC, Quebec
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I had the same "problem". I drank IPA's exclusively until I got sick of them. I then went to stout's, pales and now I'm back to IPA's. I think it has something to do with the seasons....

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Special Hops
Jun 2008
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used to love IPA's still drink them but I have to be in the "mood" for one. I like more stouts, pale ales, ESBs and the like.

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Jan 2008
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I think anyone that loves IPAs but are feeling burned out on all the hops might want to try an English IPA. It's like a bitter, but a bit hoppier. That could be the way to go while your taste buds recover.

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Mar 2010
Lake Forest, IL
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Give it some time you'll be buying up IPAs again soon. Just a phase your going through. Wouldn't be as fun if you only craved one style of beer now would it?

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Oct 2005
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Just about everyone I know who has been homebrewing for 4-5 years has moved on from IPAs. Had a Heart of the Valley meeting last year where the only IPA was my experimental gluten-free English -style. Not saying they don't make them any more, but it becomes an occasional thing, like making a Fresh Hop IPA at harvest time.

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Feb 2010
Decatur, IL
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Man, I feel you on the Belgian part of your post too... I keep trying them, and I like them but can't say I love them.

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Oct 2008
Florence, SC
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I go through phases too... you'll be back to IPAs in a little while. I usually switch to brown ales, milds, Wheats, and ESB's... get my malt fix in. Move on to porters and stouts, back to Pale ales, and before ya know it... back to IPAs. I have been able to get 2 hearted locally on tap.... mmmmm... I'll keep getting this as long as I can get it on tap!

I did just come up with more English style IPA, not as crazy hopped as American IPA's (around 55 IBUS)... been a while since I brewed an IPA. this fall, I'm also planning a Black Imperial IPA with IBUs at around 100... Super Hoppy!
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