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Feb 2010
Las Vegas, Nevada
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What's up guys. I got sick of bottling all my brews so I am making the move to kegging. There are 2 system I am deciding between buying.

The first one:

The second one:

Which one would should I buy or which one would you buy. I know the second one has a more modern regulator for the extra $60. So is it worth it or will the first system for $60 less good enough. The way I see it is if the regulator one the first one lasts only a year or so, I just need to buy a new regulator but if it lasts a lot longer than that then i got a really good deal. So is spending $60 more for a more modern regulator worth it when it comes to value vs. worth. Oh and I am no rush to get these systems cause my beer needs to age a bit, so I dont mind waiting till the first system gets back in stock. Thanks guys!

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Feb 2009
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i'd go with the first system, that way with the 60 bucks you save, you can get a better tap system and like you said you can upgrade the regulator later.

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Jun 2010
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I believe they are the same product, the cheaper on doesn't include the CO2 tank while the more expensive one includes the tank. Other than that, I can see no difference between the two products.

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Jun 2008
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Looking at what's included, they are both the same with exception of the CO2 tank. It appears the $60 difference is the tank. I bought all my stuff from craigslist, if you're ok with waiting, start searching craigslist for the stuff you need. I have three 5# CO2 tanks and a 20# tank, and I paid about $20-25 each for them. I have three regulators that came with the 5# tanks, and I now have 16 five gallon kegs that I paid anywhere from $10 to $25 each for them. I also found a guy selling three gallon kegs. I snatched all four of those puppies for $80 - that's $20 each.
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Feb 2009
New West, BC
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I'd go with this one
includes everything for less

or this one


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Jun 2009
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Originally Posted by ruffdeezy View Post

I would also recommend contacting them to talk about budget and what exactly you are looking to get. I had a few parts already when I called them, and they worked it out so I didn't buy stuff I didn't need and I was able to upgrade my taps to perlicks. Great guys, and well worth a contact!
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Jan 2010
louisville, kentucky
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I would check out kegglebrewing.com as well. Terry is great. I bought my original keg setup from the LHBS, but have bought all my add ons from him - kegs, a 5 port manifold and hose. He also often has kegs with different colored tops (for no additional charge), which seems a lot more worthwhile now that I'm kegging and can't remember what beer is in what keg. His prices are great too.

Wherever you order, request 10' feet of beer line instead of the standard 5'. That will save some time later and only add a few bucks.

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Old 07-11-2010, 03:38 AM   #8
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Apr 2010
Kailua, Hawaii
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I bought the 2 keg set up from kegconnection a couple of weeks ago. Shipping was fast and the set up seems to be of decent quality. I have my keezer set up and 2 kegs maturing right now.

I have some issue with their customer service and probably won't order with them again because of it. My opinion only, others seem very happy with them.

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Aug 2008
Portland OR
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Midwest sent me beat to crap kegs and a manifold put together with epoxy because the valves leaked with normal pipe dope or teflon thread. For equipment I would look elsewhere. Kegconnection, MoreBeer, Northern Brewer, Williams all provided better equipment for me.

note- they did replace the manifold, but I wound up keeping the crappy kegs as it was within the tolerance for what they describe them as. Never had kegs like that from any other vendor.

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