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Nov 2009
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So I figure that I currently drink about 3 beer a day on average... this works out to approximately 1100 bottles of beer a year... call me crazy, how much beer do you drink a year? Figure it out if you have 20 minutes to kill.

I realize that this is not necessarily a great thing, nor am I bragging, but was just surprised at what I figured out. I have the advantage of being 22 and in university which many of you older folks may not.

Anyways heres the way I estimated it...
Assumption #1 -> my supply of home brew stays in equilibrium (which I would say is pretty accurate, I drink it at the rate I make it and usually have about 100 full bottles in my basement at all times)

1. The first 6 months of 2010 I have brewed 6, 23 liter batches which = 138L

Assumption #2 -> this rate of brewing stays relatively constant

2. so in 1 year 138L x 2 = 276L

3. a bottle of home brew is about 330ml (0.33L) 276L is 836 bottles

5. 836 bottles is 2.3 bottles a day on average

Assumption #3 -> the rate that I give away home brew equals the amount that I receive from friends

6. This is the biggest guess of the whole thing, but I gotta say that just by guessing that I go out to a bar/pub about once a week and very conservatively say I drink 5 beers a week from these places means that 52 weeks x 5 = 208 beer

7. so 836 + 208 = 1044 bottles a year

8. 1044 x 0.055 = 57.4L of alcohol a year if I guess that the average beer is 5.5% alc/vol

Anyways, just though this was interesting and again I am not bragging, just was curious.

- yeah I put 1100 in the thread title because it looked cooler than 1044

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I have no idea what amount of beer I drink per year, but a quick estimate from my brewing is about 100-120 gallons. (I'm in the US, I'm not proficient at converting gallons to liters without a calculator handy.) Of course, that doesn't include the beer I buy at the store, at the bar, or at a restaurant, as there is no way to accurately count those.
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I don't think I want to know.

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Originally Posted by arturo7 View Post
I don't think I want to know.
+1. I don't even want to know or to think about it. "Too much" is the rough answer.
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Feb 2007
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Depends on how nuts my kids are making me on a particular day...

....but definitely average roughly 3 pints per day....

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Aug 2009
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Let's see...

I try not to drink during the week, but I may have a 22oz. bottle between mon-thur.

Fri-sun, I may have 3-4 each day, so that's about 40oz a day or 120oz for the weekend.
Plus the bomber make it 144oz per week.

52 x 144 = 7488, which makes 624 12oz beers.

I can assume a safe round up to about 700 beers a year.

Yeah, I'm almost 40, with 3 kids and a desk job. I can't do 1100 beers a year anymore....

Here's the real question! How many calories from brewskis do you drink in a year?!?

THAT, I don't want to know...
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This thread reminds me of this old beer consumption stats page that site is so wrong, I love it.
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Feb 2009
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Only if we can measure it in swimming pools. I think 1-2...

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Jan 2010
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Originally Posted by bdleedahl View Post
how much beer do you drink a year?
I probably drink the equivalent of about 300 beers a year. Average one a day, a little less. Wife about half that. Which means I give away the equivalent of about 1000 12oz beers a year. Wow.

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Aug 2009
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WTF kind of math are they teaching up there? If you drink 3 a day that is 1095 beers. What the hell is all the rest of that nonsense?
And anybody who gives away 3 times what they drink is obviously getting drunk off the one beer a day they drink...

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