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Oct 2008
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Yes, brewing with extracts.
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Feb 2005
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People who like to "guess" their brew is done without ever really knowing or caring...
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Jan 2010
Central Illinois
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I never bothered when I was brewing extract. Now that I've moved to all grain, I use it.

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Jan 2010
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It shocks me that people will do all this work brewing beer then not do something simple like a hydrometer reading because they're "too lazy." Really, those things together just don't make sense. If you're that lazy, you'd just go out to the store and buy a six pack.

Doing a hydrometer reading is not hard and doesn't take very long. Unless you're so experienced that you can brew a particular recipe in your sleep, you should really be using your hydrometer.

Obviously, I always use mine. I take a reading on my first runnings, my pre-boil wort, my pre-fermentation wort, and at least one - possibly several - on my post-fermentation beer.

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Dec 2007
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No. I use a refractometer

I find that taking detailed notes makes me pay better attention to my brewing and I get better results.

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Jan 2010
san diego, ca
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Originally Posted by PartyBible View Post
I primary ferment for about a week and then secondary for 2-4 weeks depending on the clarity. Bad idea or sound brewing?
I always take readings but rarely act on them. I decide on end of fermentation by eye and by time; the hydrometer reading mainly just goes to calculating ABV.

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Jan 2010
Shenandoah Valley, VA
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i brew extract
use a hydrometer religiously and plan to continue to do the same until I can no longer physically brew my own beer (should be many many years)

it just makes sense to me.

a refractodoomaflooper would also make sense to me

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Aug 2008
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Originally Posted by billvon View Post
I always take readings but rarely act on them. I decide on end of fermentation by eye and by time; the hydrometer reading mainly just goes to calculating ABV.
Yes, but if it looks done and should have time to be done, but you check it to figure the ABV and find it sitting at 1.030, I'm sure you wouldn't go ahead and bottle it. The hydrometer has done it's job.
"Science + beer = good!"
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Jun 2010
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I have only brewed two extract batches so far and I haven't used one yet, however, I bought a thief with the intention of starting to measure my gravity.

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Cape Brewing
DOH!!! Stupid brewing...
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May 2008
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I'm really surprised that many people said they don't.

I thought it was a law or something. How do you know your ABV? How do you know if you've actually acheived the beer the recipe calls for? You could have way too much residual sugar... or way too much body for what the style calls for... or you could end up at a lower FG than anticipated and have it dried out or not enough body. Maybe you fermented at too high of a temp. Maybe you didn't properly prepare your yeast. Maybe you mashed too high or too low (if AG)..... the list goes on... none of which can really be told without a hydrometer.

I'm surprised that many people go by "it tastes good".
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Originally Posted by paulthenurse View Post
I'm pretty much a douche in real life, too.

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