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Default Noob Seeking Advice

Ok, so, I decided to brew up my first and second batches of mead tonight after having looked thru the forums for a while. I started with making a 1g batch of J.A.O.M. and followed the recipe exactly. It turned out great, started bubbling away happily within a few minutes. SWMBO was really excited watching it go.
The second batch I made was a 1g batch of my own recipe (yeah I'm ambitious ). I decided to try and craft my own Cranberry/Pomegranete Melomel with some ingredients that I had. I took inspiration from J.A.O.M. and used Cranberry and Pomegranite juices (no preservatives, not potassium sorbate), a split Vanilla Bean (for flavor), a small handful of Raisins and Craisins (about 25-30 of each for flavor and tannins), the zest of one orange (again flavor), and somewhere between 3 1/2 and 4 lbs of honey (i think closer to the 4) because I forgot that the juices had some sugars added.
The mix smelled great and the small sample I took was fantastic, but my OG was off the hydrometer. If my reading was accurate then it thinks my final ABV would be around 25%. I know the yeast won't go that far but I'm worried about shocking my yeast and it dying off early. Anyone have any suggestions for preventing that? I did add a yeast nutrient at the beginning because I was worried that nothing I had added in would give enough fermentable material (other than just straight sugars).
What else should I do to keep this going good?

::Edit:: If it matters I also used Lalvin K1v1116 yeast instead of the bread yeast that I used for the J.A.O.M. because I thought it would attenuate better than the bread yeast and be a bit hardier.

Reason: Add info that was relevant
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So are you wanting this to finish sweet, or are you wanting it to finish dry? If your hydrometer readings are correct, then it will finish very sweet. Is it fermenting away right now? I doubt you'll be able to push the yeast that far past it's alcohol tolerance, even with staggered nutrient additions. I think your best bet in this case would be to thin it out a bit by adding water (boiled & cooled). It shouldn't take much since this is a 1 gallon batch, but you'll have to check it with your hydrometer to be sure. Regards, GF.
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