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The last time I skewed from drinking was in the morning, the day before my wedding.

In my mother-in-law's kitchen (the bathroom was occupied).

While she sat at the kitchen table, two or three feet away from the sink.

Eating corn flakes.

And praying with her rosary beads.

Good thing she blames her son for getting me that drunk!
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Originally Posted by Cheesefood
Proud to also include myself in the Rarely Puke club. Last time was a couple of years ago from a puking flu that plagued my area. I can barely remember the last time I puked from drinking...probably St Patty's Day about 4-5 years ago when I allowed some idiots to feed me Jaeger shots. Nowadays, I'm quick to pass out, but not to puke.
I'm with Cheese, I usually fall asleep long before getting to the saturation point. My last time was I think around last Christmas, we had my wifes whole family over for a big dinner and I spent the entire day in bed with the flu. Only time I got up was to puke or squirt Never gotten drunk on HB ever.
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I am currently breaking my once a year puke from beer schedule(14 months). Not that i want to puke once a year it just seemed like the last 8 years that has happened to me. With BMC you just keep drinking to try and get what ever flavor you can from the watery stuff and they all of a sudden, woooopps, your really really drunk and about to hurle. With home brew I can take a drink and the flavor lasts for minutes and after a couple pints, i know i have had a couple pints as it is way stronger than BMC. Home brew dosent sneak up on you, it chops you right in the face and you know when you are injesting a bit to much and need to slow down.
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Sorry about that thread, guys. I was drunk and more than a tad queasy. We've been sick at my house for the Holidays. I did like the hairball and Jello suggestions. I think eating dry Jello would ensure puking at a later time.
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