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Jun 2010
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My SWMBO and I are going to start looking for a new place in a few months. I hope she takes it alright when my main criteria include a deep sink, a powerful stove, room for a chest freezer, and plenty of pantry space.

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Nov 2008
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I got lucky in that my place was well set up when we bought it, and that was long before I started brewing. The basement was set up for canning, with a deep sink, work table, and solid shelving in a dark cubby. Now I never want to leave the place.

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Mar 2009
Upstate New York
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I would consider thing like pantry space and room for a chest freezer. When I buy my first house I want a decent sized garage and finshed/finishable basement. When you're spending that much money, its ok to be picky to a certain extent. A sink and a stove wouldn't be deal breakers for me. I can add a deep sink, but I cannot make a small/low ceiling basement more livable, or build a garage for the same price.

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Sep 2009
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100%. When we move, we want to look in a particular neighborhood where every house has a detached garage and basement. Basically, I would cede the basement to the kids, and turn the garage into a brewery/bar. She's totally onboard with my goals, so unless the market changes big time, it will probably happen in the next few years.

I don't think there's anythign wrong with doing that. If someone is a gardener, they are obviously going to take that into account when buying a house. Someone who tinkers with cars is certainly going to look for a good garage/driveway. Being a brewer is no different!
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Jan 2010
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Yeah, the soon to be wife and I are looking for a new home and it must, MUST have it's own Brewery/Bar building. And enough space to grow our own hops and raise some animals for food. Off the grid as much as possible is the goal.
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Jul 2009
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There really isn't anything you would need besides a little extra square footage. Sinks are pretty easy to change.
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Aug 2008
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We just bought our first house in December and brewing was a definite consideration when we were hunting. Unfortunately other considerations had to win out so we're planning on building some sort of brew shed in the future. There was one house that had an 800 sqft shop that would have been PERFECT but the bank drug their feet getting back to us and we went with another house. I checked back later and they had dropped their asking price to less than what our offer to them was and it was down to what we paid for the house we bought! If they'd gotten back to us in a timely manner they would have sold it to us for more than they ended up getting!
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Nov 2006
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When we were house-hunting two years ago, we kept an eye out for brewing considerations. I was advocating a basement with a walk-out door, particularly if it had a hard surface outside. However, we ended up with a fully under-ground basement, and that in my opinion worked better, since it stays cooler and darker.

I still have to lug all of my equipment upstairs though. And I'd have liked to have gotten plumbing in the basement, but the rest of the house was more than worth the trips up and down the stairs on brewday.
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May 2009
Birmingham, AL
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Absolutely considered brewing. It was one of the big criteria we had when looking last July. Had to have a place with either a detached garage or basement space for brewing. Ended up with basement space of about 600sqft. SWMBO loves it because it keeps my stuff out of her way.

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Mar 2009
, Indiana
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We just went through looking for a new apartment. Almost had to give up brewing, bike parking, and outdoor plants. Neither of us were in a very good mood about that, but it was our best choice. Luckily, that didn't happen.

Since it was our best choice, I kept telling SWMBO that it was fine, I could give it up for a year, or figure something out. But that doesn't mean I would have been happy. But at the time we thought our choice was between brewing and having a roof over our head 2 weeks from then.

I figure any house has to be a better setup than what I currently have, so I'm looking forward to owning a house for that reason.
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