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Old 06-20-2010, 04:42 PM   #11
Oct 2009
Rolling Meadows, IL
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I thought beetles but I looked closely at the leaves and had some type of what I would call caterpillar on the back of the leaves: black about 1/4" long and much smaller in diameter. A few little guys but looked to have a nice appetite.
I have had the same thing on the undersides of my leaves. Killed about 20 of them, mostly on my cascade. Any ideas?

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May 2009
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My Mom was saying that spraying soapy water on the plants would keep Japanese beetles away; it would be a lot better than using insecticide if this is true. Does anyone have experience with this?

edit --- post 1934: the year my Dad was born. On Father's Day this is appropriate but weird.
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Jan 2010
Aurora, IL
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I've heard about the soapy water, but haven't tried it. I have pheromone traps out and I did spray with vegtable safe insecticide. It has reduced my bugs greatly, but has not got rid of all of them. The earwigs don't seemed phased. Therefore I'm going to whip up some soapy water this week and try it. When I do, I'll report back in.

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Old 06-21-2010, 05:11 PM   #14
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Jan 2008
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Caterpillers? Well, if you have any number of Moths or Butterflies in your area you will have caterpillers. And they do so love to munch on hops and do so with great efficiency.

Catterpiller have but one function. To eat! And eat, and eat, and eat until they are readu to go into a pupea stage before the change.

Soapy water and a hard eye are the best tools for these things.

Another trick is to lightly water your hops daily by shooting the undersides of the leaves. This will either knock the bugs off or show you where they are.

when you find a catterpillar, knock it off and slice it in two.

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Old 06-23-2010, 01:37 AM   #15
Jan 2010
louisville, kentucky
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Japanese beetle?


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Old 06-23-2010, 05:01 AM   #16
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Feb 2005
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I set out some (4) traps today and they were swarming before I could hang them up...always having sex on the way to their execution...

Soap does effect them something fierce. I have one of the traps bottom cut open and they fall into a bucket of soapy water. It's all she wrote.

They ate up some of the (wild) grape leaves and only one of my hop plants a couple of feet from the top.

If it's hot again tomorrow there should be some massive suicides taking place.
HB Bill

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Old 06-23-2010, 11:11 AM   #17
Dec 2008
Central Jersey
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I saw one on my Chinook plant over here last week, but I don't see any more...

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Old 06-23-2010, 02:21 PM   #18
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Sep 2008
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I noticed my first couple beetles today. One on my hops, one on my beans, and one on my rose bush.

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Old 06-24-2010, 07:43 PM   #19
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Nov 2009
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Im on the Ia/Il border just south of Wi, I went out of town for a week came back and half of my leafs were ate. Only on two of my 10 plants though, I set up some traps hoping to kill those bastards.

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Old 06-25-2010, 02:46 AM   #20
Nov 2008
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If you all could keep laying out those traps that would be great! I have a couple - I'm scoping out a place to put them, AWAY FROM MY PROPERTY.

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