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Jul 2007
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I am going to a festival (Telluride Bluegrass) where we will be camping for 4 days this week. I am trying to figure out how to take and dispense a keg for the event. It will be cold at night and hot during the day. I plan on using small (hand held) CO2 dispenser to serve it.

I have a jockey box i built years ago using copper coils but read it is not a good idea to pour finished beer through copper, so my jockey box is out. We will be bringing dry ice as well. Any suggestions on the easiest way to make this happen?

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I just built this and I love it. Now...it requires a 3 gallon keg, but I'm sure you could figure something out along these lines. I've also seen people stack two beverage coolers and mount them together so they'll fit a 5 gallon.

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One big thing to look at for. Telluride is about 9,000 feet in town, higher outside of town. Altitude turns a keg into a foam machine. Under carb that bad boy, or google keg beer and altitude for better info

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When I take my kegs on the road I put them in a primary bucket and pour ice around the keg then add some water...since the beer is served from the bottom it serves cold...

The bucket is wrapped in a towel.
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Apr 2010
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So this might be a little out there, but add the dry ice to the keg to simultaneously cool the beer and carb to taste once you're at altitude?

Sorry if that's completely ridiculous- it's late
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Not sure how much time you have and how much effort you want to put into something like this, but what I envision is something similar to suthrncomfrt had suggested, but to accomodate the larger keg, you could either cut a circular hole in the top of the cooler lid, or perhaps easier is build a lid out of insulation board and then cut the hole in that. The tap and CO2 charger would be exposed and you just slide the keg through the hole and fill the cooler with ice. Remember that the beer gets pulled from the bottom and it should be pretty easy to keep it cold for 4 days with minimal additions of ice.

Something like this is what I'm talking about, only with a bigger hole.
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Sep 2008
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First off, I have no comments about the altitude. But, I brought my keg camping Memorial Day. Bought two of those large freezer bags from Walmart ($2) Each. Cut the bottom off one, and duct taped together. Covered the inside with heavy duty trash bag to prevent leaking. Put the keg in and surrounded with ice. Held the temps pretty well. Especially compared to the first night where it was just in a trash can with ice. That melted in a few hours.

This solution is great because it doesn't take up valuable space in the car.

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Sep 2008
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I have used foam steak shipping boxes. I cut a hole in the lid big enough for the keg. Put the keg in the box (that foam is THICK), fill with ice, add the lid. I wrapped the exposed part in flexible foam.

For dispensing, I used a 10' line with a picnic tap. I coiled the line, and made a "poor man's jockey box", a gallon ziplock bag. The coil is placed in the bag and the bag kept full of ice. Every pour was ice cold.

Used that setup with two kegs at a family reunion. It was a HOT weekend, but the kegs stayed cold.

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Oct 2009
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First off... I'm jealous you get to go to Telluride Bluegrass and I don't.

Second... I saw a site recently where someone had used one of those large buckets typically used for 1/2 bbl sankes, and a smaller diameter 24" high trash can inside it. He filled the space between with spray foam insulation. Put your corny in the trash can and surround with ice. Cheap and supposedly very effective. I plan on using this idea when I finally get around to kegging.

Now if I could only find the URL...
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Originally Posted by robtotten View Post
After reviewing that, I'm confident that stir plates are the way to go! Although I'd still like to find a way to use sex toys in brewing.

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Originally Posted by homebrewer_99 View Post
When I take my kegs on the road I put them in a primary bucket and pour ice around the keg then add some water...since the beer is served from the bottom it serves cold...

The bucket is wrapped in a towel.
+1. I think this is the easiest way with a picnic tap.

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