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Mar 2010
Tacoma, Washington
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I am looking for an AG Bitburger clone, or a similar German Pils. Anyone care to share?

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Apr 2008
Vancouver Canada
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11 lbs Pilsner malt
1.3 oz perle 6.7% AA bittering
.5 oz sterling 7.5% (or saaz) 15 min
.5 oz sterling 1min
2 smack packs 2001 Wyeast Urquell in 2 quart starter two days before brew.

Mash at 147f for 90min, boil 90 min to reduce DMS.

Ferment at 50f, lager at 40f.

I hit 1.050 into the primary. Still lagering...

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Nov 2009
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the trick is to use imported german malt like weyermann or best malz, then do every single step after that flawlessly as there is zero margin of error in this style. if you use domestic malt it will taste like a wonderful domestic pilsner, lacking that creamy, bready malt character that the imports have. finn ethan's recipe looks like a good one if you want it nice and dry, recipes for these kinds beers are pretty simple. I've been trying to brew german lagers non-stop for about 3 years and it's very tough to get them just right. good luck!

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Old 06-14-2010, 09:27 AM   #4
Mar 2010
Tacoma, Washington
Posts: 75

Awesome, thanks guys!

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Oct 2007
Staten island, Ny
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Here's my bitburger. I think i tweaked it to lower OG just a couple of points. Wanted an easier drinking pilsner for the summer (orig OG was 52 i think). Also I added some salts in order to get a more traditional water profile- just be careful- this is based on my water (NYC). I would sayif you're not sure don't even bother adding these. BTW- the beer is awesome. Try to get German based Pils malt. Makes a noticeable difference. I used Carahell & caramunich because i had on hand (and it is a german crystal malt), but any light caramel malt should be fine (10L/ 20L). I also used Decoction method- I guess if you used an infusion- shoot for 150-151. Primary was 14 days at 52*(last 3 were Diacetyl Rest at 60*)- then lagered in secondary for 50 days at 40*....recipe is based on 6 gallons

Bitburger Pilsner

Batch Size: 6.00 gal

Boil Volume: 7.71 gal Boil Time: 75 min
Actual Efficiency: 71.1 %

Amount Item Type % or IBU
10.20 lb Pilsner (Weyermann) (1.7 SRM) 94.9 %
0.25 lb Carahell (Weyermann) (13.0 SRM) 2.3 %
0.20 lb Munich 10L (Briess) (10.0 SRM) 1.9 %
0.10 lb Caramunich Malt (56.0 SRM) 0.9 %
0.90 oz Northern Brewer [8.90%] (60 min) 29.9 IBU
0.60 oz Pearle [8.00%] (15 min) 4.8 IBU
0.50 oz Hallertauer [2.00%] (10 min) 0.7 IBU
0.40 oz Tettnang [3.80%] (5 min) 0.9 IBU
1 Pkgs Czech Pilsner Lager (Wyeast Labs #2278)
0.25 tsp Epsom Salt (MgSO4) (Mash 60.0 min) Misc
0.50 tsp Calcium Chloride (Mash 60.0 min) Misc
1.00 tsp Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) (Mash 60.0 min) Misc

Measured Original Gravity: 1.048 SG
Measured Final Gravity: 1.012 SG
Estimated Color: 4.3 SRM (2.0-5.0 SRM)
Bitterness: 36.4 IBU (25.0-45.0 IBU)
Actual Alcohol by Volume: 4.7 %
Actual Calories: 212 cal/pint

Mash Profile Name: Decoction Mash

Sparge Water: 3.88 gal

Name Description Step Temp Step Time
Protein Rest Add 21.50 qt of water at 128.9 F 122.0 F 20 min
Saccharification Decoct 7.20 qt of mash and boil it 147.0 F 40 min
Saccharification Decoct 4.39 qt of mash and boil it 158.0 F 20 min
Mash Out Decoct 4.80 qt of mash and boil it 168.0 F 10 min
Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.

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Old 06-15-2010, 03:03 PM   #6
Feb 2010
Cincinnati, Ohio
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I haven't tried to do a bitburger clone, but in my mind it's gotta be dry and hoppy.

I would probably use all or nearly all german pils (probably about 9 lbs for a 5 G batch, depending on your efficiency). Maybe replace half a pound with some light munich if you really miss the body.

Step mash (or maybe decoction), sacch rest below 150.

Probably would want to use some magnum or northern brewer for bittering.
Aroma hops-gotta have some tettnang probably some hallertau would be nice too.
(If you're feeling really snobby you could use the noble hops for bittering too)

shoot for 40-45 IBU.

Clean lager yeast.





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