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Aug 2009
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Started my first "conveyor belt cheap summer beer for my house guests" this 1 week ago, a Muntons lager extract kit.

started at about 1040, had a quick crazy ferment for first 48 hours (probably only due to a giant starter) then sat and did nothing for 5 days. Krauzen fell in, beer cleared up, no measurable cake forming.


So I grab the bucket and haul it upstairs from the basement, at the top of the stairs I stumble, trip, fall, smack the hell outta the bucket into a door frame, scream a few bad words, pick it up, dump it on the Bar and start watching 2nd half of the foot ball when.... ¤bubble bubble bubble bubble¤.....that didnt take long or, any actual intervention!


morals of the story?

I dont think that wee 15gr bag of muntons so called "lager" yeast should be sitting around at 12-14 degrees in my celler.

Stubbing your toe, add it to solutions for stuck ferments.

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Next time I have a stuck sparge I'll be sure to smash my finger with a hammer!
Oh no! Bitter beer face!!!

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Got Trub?
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I hate to rain on your parade but...

I think your beer was essentially done already. A 1.040 SG beer with good starter does not take long - check your SG, I'll bet it is already at target. When you "disturbed" your beer you probably roused particulates/yeast and they nucleated CO2 bubbles which were then released and started your airlock bubbling. Alternatively it is warmer upstairs which will also release gas for 2 reasons. One, the gas in the head space will expand and two, warmer beer cannot hold as much CO2 so it escapes from solution. Either way your point is well taken. RDWHAHB fixes most issues with homebrewing...


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Aug 2009
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Airlock activity for 2 days and ferment is done? I'd be shocked, although I know airlocks do lie to me sometimes.

I would expect a half an inch or so of cake at the bottom though, and there isnt one?

Regardless, Ill make a point of getting a gravity tomorrow sometime if its not still bubbling away like mad. You are probably right, I was just happy to get some life out of the bucket when I was expecting the worst.

If its done I'll be happy with a beer that ferments through in 1 week at a lowish temp thats for sure!

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Old 06-13-2010, 02:17 AM   #5
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GT yer such a downer.

Yay beer!

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