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Old 06-08-2010, 12:30 AM   #1
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Nov 2009
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Is it ok to use borosilicate glass on an electric burner? I know I could use my flask on a gas burner, but I'm not sure if that translates to the electric burner where a hot metal element is right up against the glass.
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use a trivet, but it should work. probably not the smartest thing you'll do all day. i got away with it.

Maybe you can use these Grain, Hops, Yeast Reference Charts

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I would put the flask in a pot with an inch or two of water.

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Mar 2010
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The glass will tolerate the heat, but I've discovered that a household electric range is not responsive enough to finetune against boilovers, which are not the easiest to clean on the electric element and the whole range setup. i tried water bath but noticed that the water boils faster than the starter wort so it's difficult to maintain a wort boil. Of course both of these setbacks could be attributed to user error.

I take the starter out to the side burner of my grill, stirplate is on the upgrade list, hoping that is more responsive than the household range, if not, by then i'll just buy a larger flask.

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It's fine. I set my burner to medium and boil in twenty minutes. I've done it dozens of times. If the flask can go from boiling straight to an ice bath, it can handle an electric range without problem.
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What about an empty frying pan?
It would even out the heat and contain the inevitable boilover.

I gave up trying to boil starter wort in an Erlenmeyer.
Now I just boil water in the flask to sterilize the stir bar,
Then I fill with wort than is boiled in a separate pan.

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Originally Posted by HairyDogBrewing View Post
I gave up trying to boil starter wort in an Erlenmeyer.
I would too if I didn't have Defoamer 105 (or Fermcap-S).
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Yes get defoamer or Fermcap. I finally picked some up and all is right in the world of boiling wort in an Erlenmeyer on the stove.
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Old 06-08-2010, 11:30 AM   #9
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I have boiled in mine many times. Boil overs are nearly impossible to avoid. Also, the heat transfer rate of Pyrex blows. Just get a funnel and use a SS pot. You'll heat much faster, cool much faster, and not risk a volcano.

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Same here I have a glass top electric stove and boil the starter in a pot and water in the flask then dump the water in a pyrex measuring cup and the starter in the flask and top off with the boiled water. Then I bring the flask with starter up just until it starts to boil then into a water bath. No more boil overs and no silicone in my beer

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