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Jan 2010
Fredericton, N.B.
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I recently switched to all grain and have about 4 batches under my belt. But after chilling the wort with my immersion chiller, whirlpooling and letting the cold break/hops fall to the bottom, I still wind up with the bottom gallon of my carboy full of cold break/hops. Is the only solution to brew a larger volume and leave the last 2-4 L in the kettle, or could I strain it through something?

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Jun 2009
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I usually never have luck with the whirlpool method. A couple of times I have gotten the nice cone shape from whirlpooling but never consistently and it was more like a "hill" than a "cone" lol.

I just plan normal batches with 2-4 ounces of hops at 6.5 gallons and leave a gallon in the boil kettle.

You could try the paint strainer bag over the immersion chiller method and siphon from the center of the chiller. I did that a few times. It worked great.

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Jun 2009
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I whirlpooled for a while, but it was inconsistent for me. And I could never get it to work when I used whirlfloc.

Now most of the time I clip a paint-strainer bag to my fermenting bucket before I pour the wort in. Then after I pour the chilled wort in, I lift the bag out. Gets all the hops n' stuff out plus helps to aerate the wort. Don't know if that'd work with a carboy or not, though. But that paint-strainer bag over the IC method sounds good, too.

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Aug 2009
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I strain through a fine chinois to get rid of the hops, but I don't have enough time in my life to wory about how much trub i get. I have my system set to 5.5 gallons into the fermenter, 5 gallons out.

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Apr 2009
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cold crash, cold crash, cold crash

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I always plan on losing a gallon to the hops and cold break. I think whirl pooling helps a little but the cone always collapses as the wort level drops below the top of the cone. I think I get me maybe an extra quart but that's probably about it. Losing a gallon isn't a big deal to me though and would rather not have to deal with strainers. I mean your only losing about 2# of grain worth of sugar.

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Sep 2009
North Dakota
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whirlpooling is a waste of time to me, after I chill my wort down I run my cooled wort through a fine metal strainer to catch sediment and also aerate the wort. I almost always end up leaving a gallon of beer in the bottom because of all the hop sediment and cold break as well.

Cold crashing is a technique to clear yeast in suspension from already fermented beer if I am not mistaken.

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Been a bit of discussion on Aussiehomebrewing site on whether whirlpooling is relevant to most home brew systems. The concensus without anything more concrete than brewers observations is that whirlpooling isn't really that effective. The theory is great but it seems the exception rather than the rule that you get to pour off clear wort leaving the trub behind. As others here have said, if you don't want a lot of trub/break material in your fermenter, some simple filtering is a good thing. I no chill to a cube and in goes a lot of trub (leave behind a litre or two in the kettle) and strain the wort when it goes into the fermenter using a hopscreen or hop bag.

It must be remembered that whirlpooling has an added benefit that has nothing to do with clear wort. Even after turning off your boiliers / burners, a lot of heat is still going into the wort from the kettle and stand. Whirpooling helps reduce that heat. However do not overstir as this will suck air into the wort.
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Aug 2008
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From what I have read, and I'm beginning to whirlpool, is you need to wait about 20 min. after pumping/stirring, etc to get a cone.
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Sep 2009
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I whirlpool to chill faster...trub is unavoidable. My problem is that with 10+ gal batches, there's no pouring that keggle out into the fermenter as I did with 5gal batches. That made straining out the trub super easy...then I found cold crashing prior to kegging.

Hello clear beer.

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