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Feb 2010
Eugene, OR
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I am currently using a selection of Wyeast for a dark wheat beer that is of German or Belgian origin. It lends itself to medium phenolic and banana/clove like flavors and aromas. However, I have come to discover that I am not really into these yeast styles. Instead, when it comes to wheat beers, I much prefer american styles of yeast. I guess it would be the cleaner finish. What I'm looking for is a recommendation for creating a more American taste to wheat beers. To date, my favorite yeast to use is American Ale 1056 (what I use for IPAs). I DO know that certain breweries, like Rogue for instance, use Pacman yeast in nearly all their beers. I think sticking with 1056 would be advantageous for many reasons, but I wanna hear what you guys have to say. Thanks in advance. Oh and if you're curious, this particular beer is based on wheat with Munich, German dark-wheat, and Chocolate cara? specialty grains at an ABV of about 5%.

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I ranch 1056 (Chico) 1098 (London Ale) and Notti Yellow.

I tend to run the 1098 if I am doing anything fancy with the grain bill - sounds like you are, and I stick with the 1056 if I want the hops to stand out or if I am brewing a simple session beer. I ranch the NY because I ran out once and up here it was sweeks before I saw it again.

I have a Roggen in primary now and a Kotbusser on deck, both will be on 1098.

If you like Brit Ale or Irish Ale or whatever else better, I don't mean to be implying London Ale is the ultimate go-to yeast if you want breadiness, I just like it.



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One of the best wheat beers I've ever had is Sierra Nevada's Crystal Wheat. I'd say 1056 can make an amazing American wheat!

(Though for an American Wheat, SN Crystal is pretty hop-forward....)
OD: ?
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Safale US-05 for any american style pale ale, IPA or the like. - effective, cheap, easy.

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1056 is fine. There is nothing special about wheat to the yeast. All the yeast cares about is sugar. IOW, maltose from a mash with wheat is the same as maltose from barley (or any grain).

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