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Jun 2007
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I just measured mine today for the first time.

The cascade hops on my shed support are 15-16 feet. (Some growing over that already)
The 4 hop varieties in my garden on a cable between 2 trees are 21-1/2 feet.
The cascade hops growing to a second story gutter are unmeasured - I'd say at least as high as 21-1/2 feet.

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Aug 2009
Antioch Ca.
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I have about 16-17 ft. It's just going to have to do for this year. My cascade are almost topped out but they can hang a little.
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Jul 2009
Rofo, Pa.
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My wife is gonna kill me next year! This is my first year planting... My cascade are about 4 feet, 2 bines. My Willamette are about 7 or 8 feet by now, 2 bines as well. My columbus didn't make it. She already expressed her dismay about the Willamettes starting to touch the awning over the deck... Wait til The 2x4's next year go up as supports!
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Dec 2008
Central Jersey
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I have 10 ft stainless poles and then I have lines running horizontal. They went maybe 6 feet horizontally and now they seem to be mad and have stopped growing longer on the main bines. Main bines now end in cones and side shoots are goring a foot a day in some cases.

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May 2010
Amish Country, PA
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Our Nugget is almost at 8 feet with 2 Cascades close behind. Our trellis is only 8 feet high, so I'm hoping I can get them to grow over the the top of it which gives them another 6 feet horizontally. Was gonna build the trellis at 10 feet tall, but it looked huge in our yard.

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Sep 2008
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My second year hop plants are above 14' and have no where else to go, so they are now bunching up at the top of the trellis system I installed. I was away for over 7 days and was amazed at the amount of growth that occured during my absence. Hop cones are forming and looking good. I will have plenty of fresh hops to brew with later this year.

Next years system will be somewhat different with better methods of allowing the bines to grow and then be harvested easily.

Only thing I need to learn how to do now is grow and malt my own grain.

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Jan 2009
Pea Green, Colorado
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I'm hopping with low trellises, 4' high. We get plenty of hops and easy to pick.

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Aug 2009
Atwater, OH
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My supports are 17', I did mine ala BobbyM Style with Fence Runners. They are 10' long and I have 2 on each end, they are sunk 3' in to the ground.
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boo boo
Jun 2005
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A few years ago I made a poorly designed tellis that resulted in almost contacting and bringing down my cable line. That would have pushed my wife over the edge, so last year I just let it grow against the fence. Just as good, but not much eye candy.

This year I have hops planted at my brother-in-laws and this weekend built a trellis
20 ft high for my 3 plants. I can lower the plant when I need to harvest without taking down the trellis.
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Jan 2009
San Diego, CA
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My dad had a couple of the chain link fence runners that he gave me so I used those and mine sits at 17 feet now. I anchored mine into a retaining wall and poured concrete in the hole to hold the pole in place. The Tet will have 17 feet to grow, the Cascade about 21 feet and then Northern Brewer about 16 feet with my setup.

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