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Jun 2009
Canton, MI
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This is NOT a political thread. Please keep comments like "It's Bush's fault" or "It's Obama's fault" out of here.

The big corporations and their CEOs only know one language: the price of their stock. And the only way that we, the "normal" people can influence that is by stop shopping in their businesses.
So please BOYCOTT BP, maybe if we do that, the next oil company will think twice before being careless with this Beautiful Country.
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Oct 2005
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Unfortunately, the majority of these are franchised brands, so a boycott only hurts the small business owners. BP can sell everything they pump and/or refine to other outlets.
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May 2009
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And I know in my area the best prices are at Sams Club or Wawa gas stations...and they buy from whoever is the cheapest.

So that won't work either.

Don't worry though...the world is going to end soon anyway. I'm fairly certain some kind of unstopped ecological disaster was the plot of some end of the world book/novel I've read recently.

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Jun 2009
Lopez Island, WA
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Sure it's BP's well this time. But explain to me how BP is worse then Exxon, Shell, or any other oil company. This could have just as easily have happened to any of their wells. You don't think thy cut safety corners? You don't think they are snorting meth of toasters with the MMS?

You want to "boycott" buy a hybrid or diesel that gets +40mpg, a CNG, an EV, or take mass transit.
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Sep 2008
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BP does have a pretty poor safety record in recent years so they do seem to cut corners more then others. Texas City anyone?

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Jun 2008
Elizabeth, CO
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News flash Scooby Brew. Go look in the mirror. We're all at fault. There never would've been a well there in the first place if we didn't make the demand.

You really want to do something? Instead of an utterly pointless boycott, call your elected officials and tell them you support investment in our electrical grid and incentives for electric cars.

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Old 06-03-2010, 03:32 PM   #7
May 2010
Palm City, FL
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It could have been any number of oil companies -- and as said, it wont impact them.

BP is already taking on enough damage to their stock prices than we could ever dream of -- they're already out a billion dollars in trying to fix this situation, with no visible resolution even close to happening.

Add to that all the lawsuits that will come, the fact they are paying lost wages to fishermen and other coastal employed people of the region, fines and fees they're earning for the disaster, etc. Stocks already dropped, watch how much further it goes.

Dont know WHY the government isnt involved with a resolution (be it a laissez faire approach to it) or if BP is refusing the aide (which at this point, should be enforced aide)
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Screw THAT! I prefer to keep[ gas in my vehicle at a reasonable price. Oddly enough, BP has it. I also prefer to get my oil changed without going bankrupt. Castrol is in bulk thus cheaper.

Prolly why BP is in such a hurry top resolve this spill.

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Feb 2008
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Posting that this is not a political thread doesn't mean that it isn't likely to be a debatable topic.
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Feb 2010
Gainesville, Fl
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Yes, lets boycott small local businesses because they signed contracts with a foreign entity years ago...

Sounds completely reasonable.

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