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Originally Posted by Evan!
Oh, and, um, Todd...dude...ever since Chris Lloyd sold out to DirecTV and took a shyte all over the legacy of BTTF, your avatar/quote leave a bad taste in my mouth.
I think that ship has sailed. You are forgetting BTTF 3. A flying locomotive time machine?

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Originally Posted by todd_k
Anyone know if I can still get a hold of this yeast somewhere?
I doubt anyone has any left. I have a starter going of dead guy right now. Started it last week. Last night I poured off some into a bottle and capped it so it's ready to go for next time. The rest I kept in the flask and added more extract to keep it going. If you want I could keep the starter going, and bottle up some more and ship it to you. Then the "Live Yeast Samples" labeling trick would actually be true.
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Originally Posted by todd_k
I think that ship has sailed. You are forgetting BTTF 3. A flying locomotive time machine?
A flying locomotive time machine I can handle. Mary Steenbergen screaming "EMMET!!" over and over again...that was what did it for me.

But still...stupid sequels are one thing. Jerkass tv commercials are another.
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I will propogate it and keep it alive and supply it to forum members if somebody sends me some. I have been thinking about how I can freeze yeast in vials inside larger dry-ice blocks for shipping in the summer months.

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I harvested from my Dead Guy. It's in the fridge with the trub and wort. I've yet to revive it and wash it. If anyone needs any, I'll gladly get some for them.
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nice cheese i went a bit over kil and got 6 packs that last time i ordered supplys im going to be makeing a nice starter tonight for my wee bastard.


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Chairman Cheyco
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I'm going to use my Pacman for a mild rye starter batch and then use the cake for a monster rye IIPA. I'll get the recipes up soon.
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Old 01-27-2007, 01:49 AM   #28

Originally Posted by Cheesefood
OK, I'm going to make this, with a few modifications. Let me know how much of a difference it'll be since I bought a few wrong items.

Saddam Hussein Ale (Dead Guy Clone)

13oz Caramel 40L (Didn't have Belgian Cara-Munich)
13oz Munich 10L (is this the same as German Munich?)
7oz UK Crystal (bought the wrong stuff. Shouldn've gotten US Crystal 40 deg L)

4lbs Alexanders Pale LME
4LBS LDME (I substituted XLDME)
1 oz Perle@ 7.6 AA for 60 min (Lor's called for 7.5)
1/4 oz perle 30 mins
1/4 oz perle 5 mins
1/4 oz saaz 5 mins (I have whole Saaz, so probably bump it up to 10.5 grams)

Pacman yeast


2.5 gallons brought to a boil, for hops.

~1.25 gallons heated in a seperate pot to 150, then added grains and worked to maintain consistent temp.

At last 10 minutes in hops pot, added grain wort and extracts.

Cooled with water kept in the freezer, plus some ice.
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Old 03-01-2007, 09:49 PM   #29
Nov 2006
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Picked up probably one of the last two packages of Pacman in Illinois today at my LHBS.

The shop keeper said he was probably going to buy the last one before he goes home.

I'm using mine on my IIPA this weekend. I'd harvested (I think) my Irish Ale yeast from our porter we made two weeks ago, but I'm not sure I did it right.
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Old 03-04-2007, 12:42 AM   #30
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I still have 4 packs of PAc-Man left. Ive re-used yeast cakes many times, but do not want to merely rack onto the yeast cakes over and over. I want it cleaner and fresher.

Has anyone just made standard starters, split the batches, and then stored them away, and then made larger starters of of the split batches? If so, how many times do you think this could work?
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