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Apr 2010
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This afternoon I was with some friends who were brewing two batches of beer. One of them was a doubled two hearted clone to make 10 gallons:

16lb light DME
1lb Crystal 20L
1lb CaraPils
2oz Centennial pellet 60m
2oz Centennial pellet 15m
2oz Centennial pellet 5m
2oz Centennial pellet 1m

2oz Centennial whole hops for dry hop

except all 8oz of the pellet hops were mistakenly put in at the start of boil. About 35 minutes into the boil they realized it and I suggested we cut the boil off at that point to halt the development of bitterness and deal with hop flavor/aroma later since we were planning to dry hop it anyway. We estimate at about 40m through the "boil" we had it going through the counterflow chiller which took about 10 minutes to dump approx 10G into two 5g. One of them ended up with a good amount of hop trub, the other had less. All of the wort was chilled to approx 90 and put in the cool basement (with airlocks) until morning because we didn't feel like doing a bunch of work to take it down another 10-20 degrees. We think the faucet used to supply the CFC water was not using 100% cold water (oops).

I'm sure it will come out good beer, but we now have to pick an additional yeast.

So. We have one Wyeast 1275 Thames Ale smack pack that has puffed up nicely, and a packet of S-04, US-05, and Nottingham. They got the Thames by mistake (it was in the American Ale yeast bin) but had been planning to use it anyway. I was thinking perhaps we should stick with the S-04 or Nottingham if it might leave more residual sweetness than the US-05 to help balance the bitterness? Although since we have two carboys we have the opportunity to experiment with a American/English combo between the two carboys. We don't feel like doing a yeast starter this time. We'd rather pitch yeast in the morning rather than buy yeast and pitch in 20 hours. The basement is in the mid 60s. Suggestions?

After it ferments, I suggested a taste test to see if it needs something like a hop tea for flavor before performing dry hopping, possibly increasing the amount in dry hopping to offset potential lack of hop flavor since this was supposed to be an IPA.

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Old 05-24-2010, 01:43 AM   #2

I'd look at this as an experiment - you're making a different kind of beer - and not worry about whether its an IPA or adhering to style guidelines. If you like that approach, then pitching an english style yeast in one and an american style in another sounds like fun.

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Apr 2010
perry, mi
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I do like the idea of doing an american style in one and the Thames in the other. On the bright side, at least this will be an original recipe for us rather than just another clone of two hearted

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Some of our forum members use mixtures of different yeasts - I wouldn't know what mixture to suggest though.
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I just did a side by side test of four yeasts. One was Safale US-05 and another was the Thames Valley.

The 05 was crisper, which let the hops come through more. Since this batch may be way over bittered, I would bet the Thames brew turns out better.

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I'd pitch the S-04 in the second carboy. Luckily there is a real limit to how bitter a beer can get.
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