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Originally Posted by eccsynd View Post
Great job on the PID tuning. Can you post your PID coefficients? I'm sure that other BCS users with similar setups would find them beneficial as a starting point for their own systems.

PID Sample time is .1 sec
PID Differential temp. is 0F

This is giving me 2-5F overshoots at the RIMS outlet, mainly because when you stop firing a 4500W element, you have residual heat coming from that element. Basically I have a really fast acting process and one which still produces heat after it is stopped... so I am surprised I have gotten it nailed down this well.

However, using data log I can watch the overshoots over time and the MLT temp. over time and the MLT temp. is steady +/-.25F. Data logging ROCKS!!

Now, this testing has led me to another design for my new RIMS heaters.

(2) HWD 5500W elements for HOT WATER HEATING
(1) LWD 4500W element run on 120VAC for RIMS heating (read less residual!!)

With less residual from a low wattage ULWD element during simple RIMS operation I can get the tolerances even tighter.

When heating sparge water or strike it will utilize the (2) HWD 5500W elements

Yes, a triple element RIMS baby.

Optimized for both RIMS operation and water heating.

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I am thinking about a similar setup.

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Originally Posted by BrewBeemer View Post
Post 'em pictures with a materials list would be cool.
I have 4 SS 55 drums in storage, a possible group build.

Carl I just got my drums in the mail the other day 4 of them. I ordered the fittings, Panel Thermometers, and rtd's today.

I am going to be building a similar setup. 6 5500w elements in 2 drums. I am not putting them on a stand. My buddy is helping me on this one. He is building small stands with wheels for each drum, so they can be moved around individually. Plus I want to be able to stand on the floor when I brew, not a ladder.

There will be a fairly big stand to go in front of the barrels. This will house my control panel, electrical, and pumps. Then half of it will be a nice butcher block wood top work surface. This build is going to go fast. It is fully funded and needs to be done in 1 1/2 months.
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My build thread. Compact Single Tier!

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I'll be watching your progress you lucky dog, it looks like you already have it well planned out. I'm jealous I don't have the space for such a large project not alone can afford the material build cost. The wifey would shoot me dead dead in a heartbeat adding more "future needed brewing items" LOL! At 4-500 pounds a barrel make damn sure you have rather large high quality casters on your barrel frames.
Wow, 16,500 watts per drum now that's some amperage needing a 80 amp breaker feeding each drum not counting pumps and controller. Tap off your neighbors main then your good to go.

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We run a double Peristaltic pump at about 15 gpm with silicon tubing for our 1bb system.
Sparging is a walk in the park
Sanitation is a piece of cake. You just take all your tubing and sanitize in your preferred way and visually inspect it. You can pull and push your hot wart, around without any worry. We even use it to aerate the Conicals (3) 48 gallon Blichmanns

Sounds like a great build and I look forward to seeing some phots.
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Has there been any more progress on this build? I'm at the information gathering stage of an AG build (10gal) so I am very interested in any/ all system details you are willing to share.

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Originally Posted by willynilly View Post
Gave the buyers the boot... for a myriad of reasons.

This will be built and funded by me, for me... for the fun of building. I will sell it later probably.
As the buyers who got the boot (for a myriad of reasons), How did the system turn out Rob?

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