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Here's another version I found while searching for a recipe, I wonder which is closest...

I've had it (Short's real version) on tap and in bottles and those can taste a bit different too, depending on how old the keg or bottle is, so it might be pretty tough to replicate.

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Originally Posted by big_al_in_k-zoo View Post
Hey, saw this thread AWHILE ago, and wrote Short's asking for a homebrew sized recipe. Literally took 8 months to get a response (assumed they didn't want to give any info out and forgot about it)

This is what Tony Hansen from Shorts wrote

"Hi Alan,

I heard you would like to take a stab at brewing some Huma, so here you go, this should get you pretty close.

Mash at 152 with hard water
7.5# 2 row
.5# wheat
.5# victory
.5# ash mild
.25# carmel 40

60 min 1.25 oz of Colombus or Warrior or Zeus at 14%aa
30 min 1 oz of Fuggle or Chinook at 11% aa
10 min .75 oz of Cascade or Centennial
flameout .75 oz of Cascade or Glacier
Dryhop 1.75 oz blend of Cascade, Centennial, Palisade, Glacier

American Ale yeast

Good Luck!"

Can't wait to brew this! But it will be a while. Too damn cold for me here in Michigan to brew outside. If anybody tries this, post your thoughts!


This thread has been dead for some time now. However, I'd like to resurrect it for a moment because this is one of my favorite beers, and now that I live a great distance from MI I'd like to try my hand at making it.

My question regarding the above-quoted post is "What is the batch size for this recipe?"

The next person that posted said that this would need something like a 15 lb. malt bill to come close to the gravity. Based on this and some of the other clones out there I'm left to think the quoted recipe has something like a 2 or 2.5 gallon batch size. Following the obvious math of this leads to a 18.50 lb. malt bill and a 11.00 oz. hop sched. I think this makes sense given the hop schedule is roughly between tamoore's initial clone and third batch recommendations and given tamoore's suggestions to up the flavoring could come close to the 18.50 lb. malt bill.

Really the only way to know is to brew up a batch, which I guess I'll get cracking on... but if anyone has any additional ideas, I'd greatly appreciate them!

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Yeah I want to go for this on my next brew day. I would like to figure out Huma because I want to ultimately clone Liberator and I think Liberator is just the double IPA version of Huma. It will brob happen next month but let's see if we can get a solid huma down.

One thing I am shocked over is the lack of rye malts. I always thought that I got a rye spice from it but maybe those dry hops like Palisade are doing it.

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