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Anyone tried making cider out of one of the many 100% fruit juice fruit punches available in the typical megamart?

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You're better off using 100% juice, not the juice drinks. Most of the juice drinks you find out there will still contain chemicals used to prevent any type of fermentation or spoilage. You may be able to get it to ferment, but chances are the yeast won't take off and you'll end up with what you started with, plus some yeast.
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I tried once an old orchard mixed berry. No preservatives, but I'm still working on the tartness issue. If it's too good to be often is.
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Originally Posted by hokieengr View Post
Anyone tried making cider out of one of the many 100% fruit juice fruit punches available in the typical megamart?
Yes I have actually, Got one batch done and another still bubbling away. I used for one bottled one 3 gal of Apple Juice- Five cans of Juicy Juicy Fruit punch Concentrate, 1lb Corn sugar 1 lb Brown Sugar and water to fill to Five Gal. With Codets de blanc yeast.

It turned out better then I expected, even though I expected a poor cider in the first place HA. Yet I was very good, with the addition of brown sugar it had a mild taste of "Honey Punch" and at around 10% It ripps through ya! The second one is with Champange Sugar so it can get a higher % and it's around 15-16 as of now.

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Here is what I am about to bottle...

Fruit Punch Wine/Hard Cider

This is for a 5 gallon carboy.
6 three liter bottles of Walmart fruit punch (vitamin C as preservative only)
10 C white sugar
EC 118 and half K1 V1116 yeast

Put 5 ˝ of the bottles in the carboy. Pour remaining into saucepan on high and dissolve sugar into it. Then pour into carboy.

Start yeast in ˝ cup warm water. After an hour pitch it. Put the airlock with some water and keep it around 60 degrees. Measure for SG.

If there are no bubbles in two days, add 2 tsp yeast nutrient.

In about three to five weeks it’s done (when bubbles slow to 1 every 20 seconds or SG is 1.010). Rack to secondary, add Super Klear and spin it in with special carboy drill bit.

Let clear (about two days) and rack. Wait another two days and rack once more. Bottle it the next day.

Every few weeks test a bottle here and there to make sure there is not too much pressure. If the cider is getting too much pressure built up, pasteurize the bottles in the dishwasher on the rinse cycle. Wait until bottles are cooled to remove.

2/17/14 OG w/ sugar: 1.09, abv 11%
3/9/14 SG 1.038
3/29 SG 1.01, racked to secondary
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