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Recovering from Sobriety
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Man, here in Winnipeg people are paying $42 for a two-four of "meh" beer in 341 ml bottles.

Just got back from a week in Munich and we were picking up 500 ml bottles of much, much, much, much (did I mention "much"?) better stuff for under a euro in the grocery store.

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My rule is simple; if you come over and have more than three or four in a sitting, you really should contribute. The guys that drink with me will often leave a 20 or bring a bottle of wine or liquor over if they plan on having quite a few. They understand that it costs a small amount of money and a large amount of time, and neither one is free.

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When I have a poker night (2-3 times per month) I usually have 10-12 friends over who enjoy beer. I always tell them not to waste $$ on store bought beer. I haven't homebrewed up until recently so the kegs were commercial but good beer. (Sam, Yuengling, Flying Bison or Great Lakes) Anyways I wasn't going to sponsor "free beer night" so I made a sign and friends got the idea:

Keg System $200
Fridge $100
Two Kegs $160
Co2, Electricity $100/mo.

12oz Draft Priceless But $1 per or 5 for $5 is highly recommended!

Instead of spending $9 on a six pack they would throw a few bucks in the jar and it was a win-win. If I had friends or family over and it was casual I would flip the sign over which read "Free Draft Beer"
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For those of you who act as if this is no big deal or it is tacky to want compensation.. how many of you have friends who will kill a 30 pack EVERY NIGHT and go looking for more beer? IF I do not subtly hint, there are a couple of guys who come here who can kill a full keg in a night EASY. I finally told one of the worst offenders that there is no more free beer..... get your ass over here and help me brew and clean up... Another thing is to do like one poster said and tap something that is REALLY potent. It tends to slow em down lol...I recently hinted that since money here is REALLY bad right now that I am almost out of 2 row and a bag will have to be bought before I can brew anymore...wonder if anyone takes the hint lol.
Originally Posted by Mikethepoolguy View Post
I started brewing 69 days ago, 35 gal so far. SWMBO hasnt complained yet! Better than the hookers, gambling, and crack I used to do, I guess.
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Now I'm feeling much better about not having any friends. My beer is ALL MINE!!!
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I just lucked out. A friend who likes the homebrew that my roommates and I make just offered to buy us a new mash tun for the trouble and he wants to start brewing too. He's a good friend.

A different friend wanted to work out something where he buys the ingredients and we make it but suddenly we can't brew on our own schedule because he's not ready when he is and we have full fermenters when he's looking to start. It makes me feel likes it's a power grab. I don't want to work for him as his own personal brewer when he only is buying the ingredients.
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If I invite people over then of course the beer is free....However I have developed a very good reputation over the years of making really good beer. Friends now stop by for growler fills for a weekend party or just to have around. I enjoy providing this service and I have some super cool friends. They either leave money, homebrew, or commercial beer on the workbench. I don't ask to be compensated but it sure is nice to have a few dollars for the next batch.
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If I'm just having a buddy or two over, I don't charge or try to get money out of them. I view it all as an educational expense, and the faster I go through my beer, the sooner I can get to brewing the next one. My friends are also really cool when it comes to money and I know it will get paid forward some how. If I'm having a party, generally I'll either make it pot-luck or just throw my "Beer-Fund" jar on top of the keezer with a couple bucks in it.

I've also told my friends that if they want me to brew them something, just tell me what kind of beer they want, I'll tell them what they need to order to brew it and then I'll either brew it for them or let them brew it on my equipment and will help them along.
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I think it is really dependent on the type of friend. Most of my friends are the type that we take turns picking up the tab or we will go to their place and have a few beers too so it even outs. There are a few friends though that only mooch and never pay it back. Over the years most of those people I don't hang out with anymore because it gets old and the friendship becomes a one way street which is not what a true friendship is. So I choose not to hang out with them. So the friends that remain I would never charge, problem fixes itself.
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I had this problem when I started brewing.after them not getting the hint I started storing all my Equipment in front of the keezer so no one could get to it(was on dollys so I could roll it out of way) and told them "no man.hadnt brewed in a long time. dont have any extra money with all the bills". they stopped coming over. I still love to share my beer. but only to friends, not good time buddys. I do feel bad for Alcoholics, but they arnt my problem and I wont help enable them.

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