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Mar 2010
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Hey everyone,

So i'm starting to collect kegs to build a 3 tier system and I got a good deal for a old Sanke off craigslist today. Somewhat strange, however, as some of the top is cut off (not for brewing purposes) and is really filthy inside. There is some rust around where the previous cut was made and it looks covered in rust inside, however when i rub with my fingers it seems to wipe off easily. This keg could be anywhere from 1 to 10 years old, as it looks as though it has sat in a dirty garage for some time considering the amount of cobwebs and whatnot.

So my question is where do I start in cleaning this badboy up? It's really dirty and I hope it's not unusable due to this, since what appeared to be rust wiped off rather easy. I've posted a few links to pics below (sorry for the iphone camera quality) so let me know what you think! Will Barkeepers friend and oxyclean followed by a few boils get this guy to usable condition?

(sorry, tried to show rust on where the previous cut was made but doesnt show well. I will be making a new cut so I have a bigger hole so this shouldnt really be a problem)

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are you planning on cutting the rest of that top off? I just filled mine with hot water and oxyclean and let them soak. Worked just fine

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It could have been cut with a plasma torch. That leaves burnt edge on the hole and a fine brown coating all over the inside. (I usually fill the keg, at least partially, with water to reduce the amount of exposed surface to clean up.) To start, I would probably go ahead and open the top up to whatever dimension you want it to be and clean the edges up on the hole prior to even trying to clean the rest. Then go after it with your cleaner of choice and if that doesn't get it all, move on to the next cleaner, say a caustic like CLR. Any edges that were burnt with a plasma torch or reached excessive temperature will be prone to corrosion. That can be greatly reduced by electrolytic passivation using a DC power source, such as an old-fashioned battery charger with the negative connected to the keg and a piece of sponge or cloth in the positive lead. Soak the cloth with phosphoric acid, (sold at most home centers and paint shops as "metal prep"; turn on the charger and rub it over the heat affected surfaces until they clean up. There will be some foaming; that's normal. Electrolytic passivation reduces the iron content in the surface of the metal's lattice structure, providing a more corrosion resistant surface.

Most of the label residue can be removed with acetone easily enough.
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I'd rinse with hot water first, then throw it on the burner with some water and oxiclean in it. Go at it with a NEW toilet brush (that's what I use to clean my keggle) while the water/oxi mix is warm. That should get you all clean, then a final water rinse with the hose to get all the oxi out.
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