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Mar 2010
Eau Claire
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My dad is a celiac and he makes gluten free bread dough for sale to bake at home so I already understand the basics of cross contamination.
I home brew beer and would like to brew him a gluten free beer. We have talked about it for a long time, its actually what got me into home brewing beer. I would like to malt some grains. What im wondering is can you get some good results from using your stove or a dehydrator?
I have read malting your own grain articles from BYO, and I understand the process from the most part. How difficult is it? Is it really easy to get mold, and how big of a problem is mold with malting?
Also I know there are certain strains of barley that are used for baking bread and certain strains that are used for brewing beer. I would guess the same holds for malting and brewing with gluten free grains. Any suggestions on which grains and what strains to use. From the research ive done I would consider using sorghum, corn, millet, and buckwheat. Maybe some quinoa as well. As far as styles of beer id consider brewing, it would be awesome to make a lager, oktoberfest, brown ale, belgian wit, maybe an irish red.

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Look at the sticky under Gluten Free brewing, I think I have some links in there where I got my sorghum (5 gallon bucket) from I think Twin Valley Mills. I was able to modify it. There are some other posts in there about other grains as well.

For the mold...I didn't have any problems, I soaked the grains for 8 hours then let them have an air rest and rinsed them as well. I did read something last year about using a diluted bleach solution in the water to soak to keep mold at bay but I didn't want to go down that road...if you are attentive I think you'll be okay.

To date- I still haven't used my malted grains and I don't have any time to malt any more right now, bummer

Anyways, check here
Lucky 13 Brewing Company
Est. 2009

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Apr 2010
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well, there's two routes you can go down.
you can attempt All Grain or extract.

theres a lot more options when you malt your own.
you can get GF extracts, ive used sorghum 45 DME from breiss as well as their tapioca 45 DME.

i did a quinoa all grain brew for my first batch.. came out awesome.

(check out these links and

malting the quinoa was really easy (as in not complicated) and fast. i reached what i thought was full modification following 2 days soak time and 3 days germination time.

i agree with icasanova, check out the malting sticky.

i might also suggest dedicated primary and secondaries for your GF brewing.

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Mar 2010
Eau Claire
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Do any of the gluten free grains have some what of a munich style malt taste to them? Any certain ones that are better for malt aroma, and sweetness? Nuttiness? Which ones are used for a good base malt?

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