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Originally Posted by coy View Post
Thank you all.
brewagentjay I'll have to try that one. sounds like it's right up her alley.

rundown house/clonefarmer - thank you for explaining the differences. greatly appreciated.

I had one the other day and it's dang close to the b/c light beers not m cause no after taste like m. Nice cold lawn mowering beer. Nice part is since it was hopped dry extract brew time was 15 to 20 minutes.
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d struct, i do the same thing. when i crack a beer, the gf has to take atleast a drink.
most the time she makes a face like a skunk just sprayed her straight in the mouth, but sometimes the lights go off and she enjoys it.
kolsch is one that she does like. old speckled hen she'll have one or two of, but then again, one or two of anything is about her limit.
it seems that little by little she's coming around to appreciate them all for what they are, and little by little she's getting a taste for hops and big beers...but very slowly

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Feb 2010
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Originally Posted by D_Struct View Post
To be honest, over time, my wife has really started to appreciate the flavor of microbrew.

At first, I got the same thing. "That's too bitter. It doesn't taste anything like beer I would drink."

One of the best things I did was have her take a sip every time I cracked one of my beers open. She also helps me bottle and rack, so she has started to feel a little ownership of the brew, too. I think that has started to make her appreciate brewing and home brew more. She even made me pour her a small glass of the uncarbed Honey Blonde Ale we were bottling last time.

It's actually pretty fun to see her slowly coming around.
My SWMBO isn't much of a beer drinker, but is in all aspects my brew partner -- she helps rack, bottle, brew, and keeps the logs and works out the maths on the formulas (she's a math geek *grins*). She is a trained baker by trade, and by love... it's her passion. Homebrewing tweaks the same part of her brain as baking does -- the minutiae of the details, the precision of the recipes that allow you to faithfully and consistently reproduce an end product and allow you to tweak it to produce something new, and the ritual that a personally developed brew process evolves into. To be honest, that all tweaks my brain too, as I am a baker too, albeit not formally trained. *grins*

And while not being one to pop the top off a bottle of beer on a regular basis, she will, without fail, sample the beer at every stage of its creation. She's refining her palette, learning the flavor profiles, and figuring out what changes are taking place in the beer... from shopping to popping. She's is, in this process, gaining an appreciation for beer, and is actually learning to enjoy it -- slowly.

She'll also try any new beer that I try. Had a barleywine recently that I thought would blow the top of her head off, and she actually really enjoyed the complexity of it.

Go figure.
"A fanatic is one who redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim." -- Chuck Jones, describing Wile E. Coyote.

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Mine loves beer and helps also. She usually goes for a red of honey brown but I see her pallet changing more and more and she is actually starting to like APA's and IPA's.
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cream ale

7.5 pounds pilsen
1/2 pound flaked rice
1/2 pound flaked corn
1/2 pound caramel 10
.75 oz willamete at 60
.50 oz willamete at 1

ferement with nottingham ale yeast at 60 degrees for 3 weeks, bottle, let it carb for a week then lager the bottles for at least two weeks before drinking.
OG = 1.045-1.050 FG< 1.010

This is super drinkable stuff for the BMC croud

My SWMBO likes this one.

5 pounds red wheat
5 pounds pilsen
rind of 1 lemon, 1 lime, 1 grapefruit and 1 orange added to boil at 5 minutes
1 tbsp course crushed corriander added after primary fermentation is completed for aroma
ferment with nottingham at 60 degrees for 3 weeks and follow same carbonation and aging protocol as cream ale

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Jan 2010
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Mine SWMBO does not like most beers but is always happy to help come time to bottle.

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There is a recipe in here somewhere named Citrus Weizen I think (Yup found it

I made this and only got one bottle...the rest my Ex, Ex-InLaws, My mother and my grandmother all drank the summer I had them ready....and they will all say to this day they don't like beer (Well my Ex-MiL might say other things if my name came up...but that's besides the point)

I barely remember the taste though...

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My wife doesn't like the hops either, but she does like an amber or a red. She'll chose Fat Tire in a bar sometimes over her usual white wine, and likes Killian's Irish Red. Something big on malt, slightly sweet, and barely balanced by the hops. Jamil's American Amber from brewing classic styles might hit the spot.

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Feb 2010
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Wow thanks everyone. It's nice to know I'm not a lone
Looks like I have a nice list of future brews.
I'll start w/ brewagenjays recipe then move on the th SWMBO Slayer LMAO..
over time I'll add a little more bittering hops to get her palet use to it, at which time I'll start brewing stuff I want, since I'm not a selfish person. lol

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Brew a blonde or cream ale.
Originally Posted by Yooper View Post
I'm a fan of "getting it in the can"!

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