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May 2009
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ok, simple recipe:
5 Lb sorghum syrup
3 lb flaked corn
1 oz hops (Saaz)

been about 3 weeks in the primary and it's completely opaque. Any ideas what it's coming from and if it will clear?

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How'd you use the flaked corn? I've never used that in my brews but maybe that's it...Either way, my cloudiest beer still cleared after time in the crystal clear.
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Nov 2009
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No enzymes in the corn to convert starch to sugar could be your problem. Probably some protein and lipids floating around in your finished beer along with a pile of unfermentable starch. Maybe consider corn maltodextrin for body or dextrose for additional fermentables instead. On a less serious note, you could chew and spit some corn and use saliva enzymes a la chicha. Chicha is notoriously cloudy too though, so that probably wouldn't help.

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Lots of starch from the corn. Some alpha amylase will help. It works at fermentation temperatures, just takes a few days.
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I've seen recipes for 'wit' type beers that say to steep flaked corn. And I'm guessing that the purpose there is to make a cloudy beer. And 3 lbs is a LOT of flaked corn to steep...

And looking at the rest of your recipe, it sounds like a wit, though 3 lbs of corn is probably going to make it cloudier than a normal wit.

So, if you want to get this stuff to clear up some before you bottle it, I see a couple options:
1) Gelatin. I'm not sure if gelatin is the right clearing agent for starch, maybe someone will pitch in here (pun intended) with a confirmation or better clearing agent
2) cold crashing (this probably won't have a significant effect, unless combined with a clearing agent)
3) both of the above.

Adding amylase might help, though I don't know what effects it might have being added to a fermenter. If done pre-boil, it would have broken down the starch into sugar, and then been denatured by the boil. Added to the fermenter, it would probably break down the starches and keep working until it runs out of stuff to work on, or until you drink it, and I'm not sure if you want that or not. Again, someone else might have a better idea on this...
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