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The carbon steel is less durable than stainless steel (and less expensive), meaning that it doesn't hold an edge as long, but on the flip side, it is easier to produce an edge when honing. It is what I have as well, and what is recommended for beginners.

I've clueless as to the strop side that is wavy leather. I have a two sided strop--one leather, the other linen. I use the linen first for about 25 passes each side, and then the leather side for about 25-30 passes each side. I have read conflicting advice about which side to use first. Better refer you to the other sources I listed above on that.

Like homebrewing, with straight razor shaving there is certainly a learning curve, and best done with a lot of research beforehand. Also like homebrewing, it is much more difficult to do from hearing/reading, than with someone to "show" you. But definitely possible. You are doing the right thing by asking questions.

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Adrian Abascal
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Yea my first shaving disaster wasn't half as bad as my first homebrew disaster. Oh god.... I used so many paper towles.

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I use a straight razor when I shave my balls... uh, I mean...

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Maybe it is because I have hard water.
Yes, yes, yes. I have had soft water for so long I forgot how much tougher it is to shave in really hard water. You can compensate by using the heated towel or shaveing after a hot shower and then using a very good soap.

As to sharpening. A good set of stone will cost a pretty penny. My first set were a set of three - Soft Arkansas, Hard Arkansas and Black Arkansas. This was in the early '70s and I paid around $60.00 for the set back then.

I notice that one of the links has a sharpening service fro $19.00. I have only had to hone mine a couple of times a year and use the strop the rest of the time. You might find it more affordable to use their service to get started off right and buy stones later if you continue using the razor.

I did that for a couple of years until I could afford the stones I needed and it worked out very well for me. ( for you guys who laugh at me not being able to afford $60.00 right away, just remember, that is probably 4-600 dollars in today's money )

My best razor is german silver steel and it holds the best edge.

Another thing I should mention. I got my razor and strop from an old barber. Now, especially since they don't use them anymore, you might look up some old barbers that may be willing to sell their razors, strops and stones. May be some bargains out there.
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Adrian Abascal
Dec 2006
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Originally Posted by the_bird
I use a straight razor when I shave my balls...
It seems like one of the things you can only do once. But int his case. Maybe twice if you have the balls to do it.

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Aug 2006
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Originally Posted by Adrian Abascal
I have a 2 carbon steel blades from Zeepk.
Full hollow ground biconcave blade with round point
Size: 5 1/2" sharp blade.
I got it new. It came out of the box witht he blade covered in oil.

The strop:
"Made of Best Quality Leather, it was designed and intended for "Professional Barbershop Use,The Strop measures 2" X 18" and is actually two separate strops, one made of Prime Quality Leather, the second of "Barber's Best" Fine Weave Linen Finish."
Overall it has 4 sides and I don't know which side to use. I am useing the smoothest side. which is the soft black leather side.
There is one rough side with flares of leather. Another side with smooth leather but is wavy and warped. Another side with linen and another side with soft black leather.

A BASS brush and stand.

Here is the link I bought it from.

Here is a list of information compiled by someone for straight razor newbies. I found this quite interesting and informative.

A lot of people say that most razors are not really shave ready from the factory. You might want to send your razor off to a professional honer to make it share ready initially

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