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I've heard/read that once you start acquiring a taste for higher IBU beers your taste perception changes and beers that you once thought were super bitter no longer seem so. I think I may have reached this point. Since I've started homebrewing about a year ago, my appreciation for all the different beer styles has really increased and I have been trying many different beers (much to my enjoyment). I was never a BMC drinker, but never ventured much farther than Sam Adams and Bass. Until I started homebrewing, that is.

Anyways, I've had a number of beers recently that I have enjoyed tremendously, but thought each one would be more bitter. These have included Troegg's Hopback Amber, Clipper City's Loose Cannon Hop3 Ale, Blue Hills' IPA, and Mayflower's IPA. I did a little searching and based on info on the web these beers are in the 50ish IBU range. Even some of the homebrews I've made recently - an Altbier and a "hoppy" Red - do not seem as bitter as their 40-50 IBU estimate would suggest.

I made the mistake of ordering a Bass the other night while out to eat. It tasted like lightly flavored, brownish water. Last year, I tried a Stone Old Guardian and thought it's bitterness was way too intense - I could only really drink a few sips. I think I may need to revisit that and see what I think now.

No real questions I guess, just some observations. Thanks for reading
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Yeah, that's just how it works unfortunately. I can't enjoy beers I used to enjoy 5 years ago for this very reason. Dead Guy Ale used to be one of my favorites but now I find it's hop profile lacking. Nothing wrong with that though, the more beers you try the more your palate develops. A few years ago I'm sure an Imperial Stout would've made me gag, but now it is probably my favorite style.

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The slide into increasing hop tolerance doesn't necessarily last forever. 5 or 6 years ago I became a hardcore hophead. Almost every beer I made or bought was some sort of IPA. Then all of a sudden about two years ago, I noticed myself feeling burned a lot more often with IPAs. Sometimes, they were just too much. As of last year, I've nearly sworn them off entirely. I currently make the occasional bitter but have delved mostly into German styles like Kolsch, Hefeweizen, Alt, Dunkel, etc. Light hops and a solid but not overpowering malt presence are what I shoot for these days. That's just where my tastebuds are at now. Some IPAs I used to love are now beers I no longer especially care for.

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On the plus side, if you do burnout on IPAs, your taste buds will re-grow.
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It's called Lupulin Threshold Shift, enjoy it!
Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
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i've loved hops from the beginning and still do, but I've grown into an appreciation for other less hoppy beers since getting into homebrewing.

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I hate hops and bitter beer.

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Apr 2010
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I noticed the same thing, then started to appreciate well balanced beers like mirror pond over hop bombs like ruination

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Originally Posted by JOHN51277 View Post
I hate hops and bitter beer.

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yes, you must hate hops, great moto by the way

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America is only just re-discovering beer. Things will settle down over time, and eventually brew pretty much the same styles that have been proven in Europe over the last hundred years or so. Balance is the key, and once the playground has explored all the nice new exciting ideas, America will define it's own unique style. I doubt though, that it will feature too many hop bombs or malt monsters. Why do you think we have been stuck with BMC so long? In the end, the market will base itself on the middle ground.

One thing is for sure though, America is changing the norm, and in a good way. We are just not there yet.

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